Oneness Symbol Story

Oneness Symbol was created by the late artist Isaac Soltes as a beautiful statement for harmony and understanding among the world's great religions and spiritual traditions. His inspired design weaves together the symbols of ancient Egypt, Hinduism, Judaism, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.

In 1967, Isaac Soltes made his first piece of jewelry and spent years developing a universal symbol of peace, a statement of unity in diversity, a demonstration of his belief that all people everywhere, for all time, are equal in the eyes of One God. Isaac had researched the world’s great religions and worked on perfecting a meaningful design. When finished with his creation, he christened it "Oneness." He wanted the world's religions to respect their differences, to recognize and honor the inner spark that unites us all.

Isaac began making Oneness jewelry in his garage. Originally each piece was made by hand. The peace symbol found its way, as a sort of poster, into a locker room at a ministerial school where two ministers-in-training (Faith and Michael Moran) saw it and immediately grasped its relevance to their fledgling ministry. Their work together was to be based on the concept “One God – Many Paths.” Faith ordered the Oneness Symbol for Michael for his graduation (he was a year ahead of her) and Michael presented Faith with hers the following year.

As their ministry grew, they began placing more orders with Isaac for members of their congregation. One day he called them and wanted to know just who was ordering so many of his symbols of peace. The long distance relationship began between Isaac, Faith and Michael Moran. Although they never met, before Isaac died he entrusted his peace message into their care with instructions to oversee its spread into the hands of a waiting world.

To read the entire story of the creation of the Oneness Symbol, visit www.onenessjewelry.com.

Oneness Symbol is dedicated to bringing the "Peace Symbol for the 21st Century" to the world. It is a separate corporation from Spiritual Life Center; however, like SLC, it is organized exclusively to promote the furtherance of tolerance and respect for all religions and spiritual traditions. Primarily the corporation engages in educational and commercial efforts such as the sale and distribution of Oneness jewelry and Oneness products to achieve this goal.

All profits from the sale of Oneness products are contributed to Spiritual Life Center for the growth and development of its programs.