Archetypes and Your Soul Contracts

A 3-Week Zoom Class with Teresa Campos
Thursdays from 6 - 8 p.m.
July 9, 16, & 23, 2020

Prior to your incarnation into this lifetime, your soul chooses particular aspects of the personality-self to heal and transform; also referred to as Karma. In support of that goal, soul contracts were “agreed upon” in order to create the opportunities and lessons needed for Spiritual Alchemy.

A soul contract is a guided plan for your life, that you co-create with divine guidance to define the agreement that represents the earthly commitments your soul has agreed to learn in order to fulfill your soul purpose. Your contract is the overall relationship to your personal and spiritual power.

Each relationship in your life represents an aspect of your contract. Your emotional responses act as a barometer to gauge the degree of opportunity that lies before you. Being able to identify what lays beneath your emotional responses will allow you to bring forth your potential.

Identifying and interpreting the underlying patterns of energy that form your thoughts and beliefs, guides you to recognize your contract. These underlying energies are your Archetypes.

An archetype is an individual expression of an ancient and universal pattern of energy.
Each archetype contains both shadow and light, strengths, and weaknesses, but their essence is neutral.

The impact of the archetype remains neutral until it is acted upon. How you choose to exercise that power is part of your contract; do you choose to act in shadow or light, from consciousness or unconsciousness?

Join facilitator Teresa Campos on a deep dive into the fascinating world of archetypes. In this exciting interactive program you will:

  • Determine your 12 Archetypes.

  • Discover their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Explore patterns of behavior that no longer serve you.

  • Learn to create a more harmonious balance within relationships.

  • Understand how your soul contract relates to your karma.

Special Note: Participants are encouraged to purchase the Archetypes Tarot Cards by Caroline Myss for this workshop.

About Teresa Campos

Teresa is an international Speaker, Author, Spiritual Life-Coach and Intuitive Astrologer to all those seeking a more fulfilled life. She works with Servant-Leaders who know they are here to uplift humanity by living their soul purpose. She helps them self-evolve and lead from the soul-centered mind to fulfill a lifestyle that makes them feel fully alive while being of service to the world.

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