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Sacramento County Orange Tier 3

No Immediate COVID Guideline Changes

for SLC Hybrid Services

June 6, 2021 Update

Dear Spiritual Life Center's Members & Friends,

In preparation for SLC's Grand Reopening on Sunday, June 20th with live music and speakers for the Sunday Father's Day Experience, the Board's COVID Safety Subcommittee made up of board trustees, SLC staff, Sunday service volunteers, and governing members met by Zoom on Friday, June 4th to review the latest Sacramento County Orange Tier 3 guidelines that went into effect at the beginning of June. While there were some noted differences between Red Tier 2 and Orange Tier 3 (e.g. a recommended not mandatory 50% seating capacity instead of 25%, no contact tracing lists) the Committee chose to recommend to the Board that SLC focus on the Blueprint for a Safer Economy which goes into effect June 15th and to keep current guidelines in place until then.

SLC will maintain current COVID Guidelines Until June 20th 

Current guidelines include wearing face masks (face shields are not compliant substitutes for face coverings) and social distancing both indoor and while in SLC's courtyard are still being enforced.  Pre-registration is no longer required for county tracking purposes, but still necessary for staff and volunteers to provide proper seating while social distancing is still in place. 


SLC's Vaccine Policy for Volunteers, Staff, and Contractors

When addressing vaccines, the Board wanted to make sure that personal freedom to be vaccinated was honored while also balancing safety for others. When vaccines were first made available, the Board had previously decided not to mandate vaccinations for staff, contractors, or volunteers as long as the stringent COVID guidelines we had approved were being followed (including masks worn at all times and social distancing) and our offices remained closed to the general public.


With newly revised guidelines that allow for more flexibility if individuals are fully vaccinated, and with SLC reopening to the public, the Board has adopted two vaccine policies. One policy is for staff, volunteers, and contractors who have direct contact with the public while in service at SLC. The other policy pertains to the general public.

Effective May 23rd, all staff, volunteers, and contractors who have direct contact with the public while in service at Spiritual Life Center ARE REQUIRED to either show proof of being fully vaccinated or must show proof of a negative COVID-19 test no more than 72 hours before the time of being in service.


Because SLC welcomes everybody, with no exceptions, the general public (including SLC members, friends, guests, or visitors) DO NOT need to be vaccinated or COVID-19 tested to attend SLC programs, classes, or services. We wish to honor freedom of choice while still complying with county guidelines and public safety measures. We encourage everyone to go within to trust their inner knowing of what is best for their health and well-being.


Churches have been given wonderful recognition by the Supreme Court as being categorized as an essential service. Since we are in the role of serving the general public, SLC’s goal as we reopen is to have policies in place that allow a newcomer to feel safe to experience our warm and loving community. We feel saying that our team is either vaccinated or tested to be COVID negative is the best way we can provide that sense of safety while honoring an individual's right to choose to be vaccinated or not.


This policy was just put in place in late May and will be addressed again in light of the new Blueprint for a Safer Economy which goes into effect June 15th. In the meantime, COVID testing is offered for free through various providers such as CVS and Walgreens. Only lab testing is acceptable.

More Guidelines Changes on the Horizon

In anticipation of the changes to state tier system restrictions on June 15th, the COVID Safety Subcommittee is already researching and considering the implications of additional COVID guideline amendment recommendations to the Board. We will keep everyone posted as revisions are made to SLC's COVID guidelines.


In the meantime, click on the link above for details on our reopening guidelines. You may also clinks on the links above to pre-register to join us for the next 9 a.m. or 11 a.m. in-person Hybrid Sunday Experience.


Please email any questions or comments to board@slcworld.org. We appreciate you holding us in prayer and affirming that we can continue to make policy decisions with ease, grace, and compassion for all.

Peace and Blessings,

Rev. James Trapp & SLC's Board of Trustees