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In 2017, Spiritual Life Center gave $57,000 to 20 community organizations. Since its inception, Spiritual Life Center has given over $1.2 million to more than 330 organizations. Together, we are the change we wish to see in the world!

Some organizations we donated to last year include:

Community giving enables us to bless others through the work of God. SLC gives a percentage of its offering income as follows:


  • $1,150 is given to Unity organizations, acknowledging the spiritual nourishment provided to our SLC family and the world.

  • 10 percent of the total monthly community giving amount is distributed by the Senior Ministers to individuals, churches, and organizations that provide spiritual nourishment to our SLC family.

  • The remaining monthly community giving amount is distributed by the Community Giving Committee to vetted nonprofit organizations that feed, clothe, house, protect, spiritually support, empower, and educate people in our community.


The Community Giving Committee consists of congregants who meet every month to review nonprofit organizations to develop recommendations for the distribution of the community giving income.

SLC members are invited to recommend nonprofit organizations to be evaluated as potential recipients. Send an email to giving@slcworld.org and please include your contact information.​

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