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Capturing a Vision Worthy of Your Life

At an awards banquet sponsored by an international foundation that funds worthy causes, I happened to be sitting at the table with one of the soon-to-be grant recipients. Her name was Lea. She was being honored for her work with battered women.

Lea was herself a victim of physical and emotional abuse. The woman she had become was such a stark contrast to the woman she once was. Lea shared that she was threatened more times than she could even remember. Her partner terrorized her by holding a loaded gun with hollow-point bullets to her head. This happened many times by the person she believed to be her soulmate.

Fortunately, she crossed paths with and confided to a stranger who eventually helped her to rise out of her situation. Lea was so grateful that she vowed to other victims of domestic abuse. The woman Lea had become was such a stark contrast to the woman she once was.

Lea envisioned a beautiful retreat type of community where women could come to rebuild their lives. She had no money to do this, but she held steadfast to her dream.

One day while working as a waitress, she was guided to strike up a conversation with a customer about her plans. She knew nothing about him. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. He didn’t stand out in any other way, except that he appeared to be wearing very expensive shoes. So, Lea decided to strike up a conversation.

After sharing her dream, the man said to her, “You know I run my family’s foundation and we’re looking for ways to support a good cause. I’d like to grant your organization $100,000 to get you started.”

Thus began Lea’s incredible journey that led to the creation of a safe haven for battered women. With additional support, she was able to create the wonderful oasis she longed for to help women who have experienced domestic violence.

This all happened because she followed her inner guidance to talk to a man wearing expensive shoes.

Lea had a clear vision and purpose for her life. As a result, the Universe supported her in a way that she did not foresee. In the same way, when we have a clear vision for our life that is in alignment with our purpose, support and guidance can come in ways that we cannot imagine.

When we have a vision and we do our part to hold steadfast to seeing that vision as already done, the Universe will do its part to bring to us the cooperative components to get it done. We don't need to know every step that will to make it happen. We just need to be clear about the vision, set our intention and then take inspired action toward the direction of that vision.

Everyone has a unique life purpose. To help confirm that you are capturing the right vision for your life, ask this important question. "Is the vision worthy of my life?”

Oftentimes, people reverse the question and incorrectly ask, "Am I worthy of the vision?” But more appropriately, we should be asking, "Is the vision worthy of my time and my attention? Is the vision worthy of my prayers and meditation? Is the vision worthy of me?" If the answer is “no”, then it's time get a new (or perhaps a bigger) vision.

We are in sync with the patterns for our lives when we make decisions based on the dreams of our hearts. Often we allow ourselves to let the facts and appearances stop us from following our heart’s desire when we wonder how we’re going to make the vision happen. But that’s not our job.

When we decide on our purpose, we cut out everything that is not in alignment with that vision. If later, we have a change of heart and decide to change plans, in the mind of God there is no wrong decision - there is only a refinement process taking place. Our job is to decide on the “what,” do what is ours to do, and leave the rest to Spirit.

As we go through the process, we find that a divine conspiracy is at work. And who knows … maybe we too will be guided to strike up a conversation with a stranger wearing a really nice pair of shoes.

Peace and Blessings,



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