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7 Keys to Access Your Power of Intention

Your mind is powerful. No roadblock or obstacle, no matter how enormous, can defy the incredible power of a mind that captures an unshakable belief in an inspired idea. The forces of the Universe will bolster the idea, and barriers will succumb to its fortitude.

America's first African American astronaut illustrates the importance of the creative power of our mind and intention. Her name is Mae Jemison. Mae set her vision to have a career in medicine and engineering. With unlimited imagination, she shared her intentions with all those who would listen, and many of them questioned the wisdom of her goals. They said, "A doctor and an astronaut?!", but she innocently responded by saying, "Why not?"

Mae Jamison refused to be deterred by the apparent roadblocks: lack of money, the competition, and the doubters. She chose to walk in the direction of her intention. In 1990, several years after graduating from medical school, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) solicited candidates for its space shuttle program, and Mae applied. She was accepted and made history and hit her mark. Mae Jamison was bound for outer space.

Mae noted, "People cannot let others limit their imagination or what it is they want to do or can do. Otherwise, we would never have discoveries or advances." Her story is a notable example of the power of a mind with an intention. Most of us are not likely to have such lofty intentions as Mae Jamison, but we can manifest whatever goals are meant for us by the following seven key steps:

1. Release limiting beliefs. Remember how powerful the mind is. Please don't limit its ability to create the future you want to see manifest. Aim high, think big, act bold and embrace the Universe's abundance, rather than buy into the belief in limitation. The choice is always available.

2. Be clear but open to adjustment. The Roman philosopher Seneca noted, "If one does not know to which port they sail, no wind is favorable." In other words, our intentions must be crystal clear. So, we ask questions such as, "When do you want it to happen, where will it take place, and who you will you be with when it happens?" At the same time, you don't want to rigidly hold on to just one way for your intention to manifest. Instead, as you go forward, be flexible and open to adjustments as Spirit guides you. You may discover something better is in store for you.

3. Bring all of your senses to the party. When you visualize your intentions, use imagery, sound, smell, and touch to make your visions and intentions as accurate as they are in the three-dimensional world. Turn up the volume, amplify the colors of the clothes you are wearing, feel your body sensations and emotions. Celebrate even before your intentions have manifested.

4. Take massive action. As the saying goes, "Nothing works unless you do." When we set an intention, it must be connected to our effort. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of a goal, break it down to bite-size pieces, bite off a bit every day, and watch as you move closer to your destination.

5. Praise the coincidences. When you move in the direction of your intention, stuff will happen that seems to come out of the blue. That's just the Universe supporting you and giving you assists along the way. Celebrate those moments. They are signs and feedback that you're heading in the right direction. Be open and receptive to attracting more seeming coincidences along your journey.

6. Enroll allies to support you. Ask the people you are close with to have your back and keep you accountable for your intentions. The energy behind an idea amplifies when two or more come together to support a vision. Collective consciousness can move mountains.

7. Exercise your intention every day. The more you exercise your intention, the stronger it gets. You exercise your visions and intentions by reading them daily, creating a vision board for them, and writing and reciting affirmations that support your goals. Ingrain it in your consciousness until the intention is infused in every cell of your body, and you will find yourself compelled to take action to assure this intention shows up in the outer world.

Practice these keys, and you will demonstrate the genius of your mind and the power of your intentions.

Peace and Blessings,


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