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Challenged by the COVID-19 Experience? Time to Remember Who You Are

"Everything in life is to be enjoyed or learned from." I first heard those words uttered by a spiritual teacher many years ago. Since then, they’ve been popping in my awareness as we've been navigating this COVID-19 journey. Many people, if not most, do not relish this COVID-19 experience. A few outliers claim they are thriving in this environment. But if you are like me, you are going through COVID fatigue to some degree or another.

Sometimes it feels like we are going through a journey not unlike what Moses and the Israelites did as they languished in the wilderness for 40 years before entering the Promised Land. As we go through our wilderness-like experience, let us remember that the power of the Presence is always working for our good even when it's not apparent. Moreover, it behooves us to remember the spiritual principle that we focus on expands in our life. During these times, it's easy to give our attention to what we don't want, what's not working, and who's to blame.

However, because we are the image and likeness of God, we can think independently of circumstances. No matter the conditions, we can always focus our attention on spiritual ideas and ideals rather than dispiriting thoughts. When we do, our life becomes saturated with a glow, the smile of the soul, power, a creative urge, and the sense that something beautiful is waiting to spring forth. It is during times such as the current pandemic, we want to move into that space.

We access that space as we continually recognize and accept that we are divine and perfect expressions in the mind of God no matter what is taking place. It's easy to forget that when the world around us seems so topsy-turvy. When we accept that identity, we realize we align with our divine nature. With that recognition and acceptance, we understand that we matter to the divine plan, and the Presence will never leave or forsake us. However, we must first see ourselves in this light even when the facts of life are not to our liking. When we see ourselves from the highest point of view, our reality begins to conform to what we see.

There is a story about an African prince who was born a hunchback. On the prince's thirteenth birthday, his father and king of the village asked the young boy what kind of gift he wanted. Bent over and looking up, the young prince replied, "I want a statue of myself." The prince's father was confused and concerned because the last thing he wanted was for people to mock his young son. To change the boy's mind, the king said, "Surely, there must be something else you desire?" However, the prince was steadfast and responded by saying, "No, I want a statue of myself. But I don't want a statue that looks like I appear now. I want a statue of myself of how I would appear if I stood straight. I want it placed outside of my window in my garden to see it every day."

After the statute was completed, each morning the hunchbacked boy stood before his likeness. He did this day in and day out and stretched his body to mimic the six-foot replica. The son of the king did this without fail for eight years. On his twenty-first birthday, the prince stood shoulders erect, head straight, and stared eyeball to eyeball with his bronze image. The prince's father said the secret was that he believed that "As you see yourself, so shall you be."

Despite circumstances, the young prince lived out his true nature. But he had to remember and accept his true self before he could experience it. As the prince remembered who he was, he rose above his circumstances. We can do the same when we remember who we indeed are.

Peace and Blessings,


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