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How to Be Spiritually Abundant

"What is spiritual prosperity, and how do we attract more?"

An acquaintance posed that question to me recently. I noted that when we speak of spiritual prosperity, it means a sense of wholeness, well-being, and a balanced life. It's about allowing the presence of the Infinite to flow through us, knowing it meets all our needs. Those needs include, among other things, health, a vibration of enthusiasm, circulation of money, ideal employment, and divine guidance.

One way to experience more spiritual abundance is to fully appreciate where we are. Such appreciation was the advice I received from one of my spiritual mentors. At the time, I felt stuck in life, and this counsel helped me get out of that space. He clarified that to appreciate where we are does not mean we are to be satisfied with the way things are, because we're naturally predisposed to reach new heights. However, we attract more of what we appreciate by appreciating the good we have where we are now.

Years later, I received a call from a young man who had some knowledge of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings. During the conversation, he said, “I’m sick and tired of my job. And every time I start sending out résumés and going to interviews, things start falling apart at the last moment. What’s going on?” I shared that he ought to consider fully occupying his current space. To go to his job and give more than his temporary compensation, and he would put the universe in his debt.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said that when we put the universe in our debt, it has to balance the books and will do so by pushing us to a higher level. So when the value of what we give exceeds the value of our current compensation, one of two things will happen — either the space we are in will expand to accommodate our higher level of expression, or we will expand beyond our current limits and something new will become available for us.

I further passed on that if he were to hang out in the "sick and tired" consciousness, withholding himself, he'd bring a small piece of himself to the interview or wherever he was trying to get to next. His vibration would be lower, and he would not be able to handle the higher energy seeking to express through him. He would likely make lateral moves with a different title but stay on the same level.

If we fully occupy and appreciate where we are but envision where we want to be, and start acting as if we are on that next level, we will advance to our next assignment.

When we are no longer willing to give, we become like a swamp, a body of water that has no outlet — dead water that not even the animals will drink from. It siphons off our energy if we become swamp-like or stagnant with any spiritual quality. Creative ideas cannot flow through our awareness. Love and peace cannot flow from our hearts.

We must wake up daily and say, "How can I give more of myself to life today?" Then something returns to us, and we'll never be a swamp. We’ll be a wave on that ocean, flowing with the expression of pure spirit. Being that wave is our destiny. This is what spiritual abundance is all about.

Peace & Blessings,


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