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How to Live a Worthwhile Life

I was in a funk, and at one of the lowest points in my life. At the time I was immersed in my addiction, and everything I thought was important in my life was gone. I was emotionally, materially, and psychologically bankrupt. I believed there was no way out. Then suddenly an earth angel appeared. I was in the hallway of a courthouse when a woman I did not know - but apparently knew me - walked in my direction, stopped, and asked, “Do you want help?”

Up to that point I was in denial that I needed any help. But for some reason, in that moment, I said yes. That wonderful person then went out of her way to get me into a drug rehabilitation center, and that helped change the trajectory of my life. She didn’t know it at the time, but she was doing with her life what was necessary to the enfoldment of the Divine Plan for me. Not only did she help rescue my life, but indirectly, through me, she assisted countless others as well. By her selfless act, she lived out a worthwhile life.

Many people walk through life and ask, “What is life all about? Am I necessary? Do I have meaning to God?” While such questions may seem absurd, they are important; though sometimes difficult to answer. However, a metaphor can help us understand our necessity to God. We know the sunbeam is a necessary part of the sun. The sun would be inconceivable without the sunbeam. In the same way, God would be inconceivable without us.

We are made in the image and likeness of the God force. We are here to glorify and reveal what God is. This great universe would not be what it is without you and me. Just as without the sunbeam we would not see the sun, without you and me living a life that is worthwhile, we would not understand the nature of God. Now, we don’t have to do what might be considered big things to be considered necessary. It can be something as simple as doing what that woman did when she was guided to ask me if I wanted help. She did not know that would lead me to living a life beyond what I had envisioned as well as being beneficial to others.

There is no big or small when it comes to being an expression of God. Any act that reflects the qualities of God is significant and worthwhile. God needs your life. The Presence needs you to be an ambassador of love, goodwill, compassion, joy, and beauty. God needs you to shine your light in the way only you can. So go forth and live a worthwhile life… and know you are indeed necessary to the Divine Plan.

Peace and Blessings,


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