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We Are Here to Get in Rhythm With the Universe

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Early one evening I took a walk to a nearby park. While the stroll was partly for exercise, it was also a walking meditation. When I arrived at the park, I noticed a group of young people jump roping Double Dutch style. I hadn't seen anyone Double Dutch in years, so I decided to sit on a nearby bench to watch. If you are not familiar with it, Double Dutch is a more complicated form of jump roping. It's a game in which two long jump ropes, turning in opposite directions, are jumped by one or more players jumping simultaneously. It is an awe-inspiring sight to see.

The kids were teaching someone new to Double Dutch. As they were instructing the newcomer, I noticed that the key to being successful at Double Dutch was to jump in the middle of the two ropes and get in rhythm with the ropes' flow. After getting in the flow of the ropes' rhythm, individual creativity comes into play. Each jumper can jump on one foot, spin around, or do back flips… whatever one's imagination can devise! However, the Double Dutch rope jumper or jumpers must jump in tune with the ropes' beat and rhythm. Otherwise, they will become entangled in the ropes and will have to begin again.

We can view the Double Dutch jump roping as a metaphor for life. Our Universe has a rhythm. That rhythm serves as a foundation for all of life and all we do. In many respects, we are here to get in tune with the rhythm and vibration of the Universe. When we do, we can fully express our individual and infinite creativity. But, if we are not in tune with its rhythm, what we set in motion will collapse and we will have to begin again.

There is a call from the Universe for us to get in tune with its rhythm and vibration. When we answer this call and come under the governance of this grand Universe, anything we can ever hope for, want, or desire can begin to take shape in our unique way. We seek what is already laid out for us; all we need to do is get in sync with what is already complete in God's mind and be its creative expression.

We help ourselves get in sync with that call and rhythm of the Universe when we affirm our intention and the words, "It Is Done" or "Amen." When we say "Amen" or "It Is Done," we are declaring that we are energetically aligned with what Spirit has accomplished.

The rhythm of the Universe is the only thing that is eternally enduring. Anything else is a perception that has transmuted into an individual experience, circumstance, and situation…but such incidents are temporary. They are akin to the entanglement a Double Dutch jump roper experiences when they are not in rhythm with the turning of the ropes. The good news is, just as the jump roper, we can start again. When we get out of sync with the Universe, we can begin anew and create a whole new future for ourselves and our world.

Peace and Blessings,



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