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What Are You Attracting?

In 2006, the movie "The Secret" came out with great fanfare. Its popularity spread like wildfire. The film and the subsequent book have influenced over half a billion people across the planet. To this day, its popularity continues to gain new followers.

The film's primary message is that if you want or desire something, then you must hold the belief that it will show up. You need to continuously think about it and keep a positive emotional state that "attracts" what you want. It is a powerful spiritual law for many people, including celebrity media figures.

However, many folks have criticized the movie because it seemed to advocate that the universe is our personal "on-demand catalog” and is purely there to satisfy selfish egoic needs.

Although "The Secret" and its underlying principle, the Law of Attraction, represent a valid spiritual law, it is incomplete if it stands alone. It is incomplete because it does not address the realization that material things alone cannot bring happiness, and it does not help us understand what is genuine success.

An element of success that comes about from genuinely applying the Law of Attraction is that it helps us grow spiritually and personally. After all, what good does it do to acquire more materially if we are not evolving to be the best we can be? One way to use The Law of Attraction is to set our intention to serve a spiritual idea. When we serve Spirit, which is more significant than ourselves, it includes abundance, unbounded energy, divine wisdom, compassion, and all the qualities of God. Being of service to a spiritual idea is the new definition of success. Success is not a matter of being grandiose or self-important; it's about making your life significant.

A prominent celebrity and businessman made his transition. One of his business acquaintances was on his way to the cemetery for the burial service. As he was driving, he noticed there was another service taking place at the same time. There was a long line of cars heading toward the second service. There were probably ten times as many people going there. He said to himself, "The man at the service I am attending was important in the community and very well known, but the person at this other service must have been extraordinarily important for so many people to be in attendance.”

So, the businessman stopped a young man who was going toward the other service and said, "That person being honored at that burial service must have done some important things in the community for so many people to show up." The young man hesitated before responding, but eventually told the man, "I guess she was important. Her name was Mrs. Maggie. She was a loving and caring person. For fifty years, she was the crossing guard for all the children at the local elementary school. So all the children, their parents, and grandparents, who Mrs. Maggie served all those years, have come to pay their respects and appreciate the important role she played in their lives."

Mrs. Maggie may have had a simple life, but it was a purposeful life. She lived a life that left an indelible imprint on all those who crossed her path. Now I ask you, what is more attractive than that?

Peace and Blessings,


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