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You Will Always be Whole - No Matter What

Last week I mentioned I am reading Anita Moorjani’s book, Dying to Be Me. In her work, she shares her journey from cancer to her near-death experience (NDE) to true healing. In describing her NDE, Moorjani wrote something that particularly grabbed my attention. She noted that all points in time – past, present, and future – exist simultaneously. Our human minds, however, can only live in one moment, and we then string the moments together to make time appear to be linear. Moorjani writes, "…when we spill out of our bodies, we cross all time and space with awareness - not sight, hearing, touch, taste, or smell. We’re pure consciousness.”

The consciousness that the author refers to is the essence of God or The Force. This consciousness is always whole, complete, and can never be harmed or endangered. That consciousness is indestructible, and what we indeed are. With this realization, we don't have to live in anxiety about what may or may not happen in life or how things appear in any given moment in time. We are always whole, complete, and nothing is missing in us. When we recognize that wholeness, we can release the worries and fears that sometimes overtake us, and enter a consciousness of rejoicing. In that vibration of rejoicing, our life is a prayer.

Genuine prayer is not something we do; it is what we become. The Sanskrit derivation of the word prayer means "judging oneself as wondrously made." When we think, say, and act from that foundational belief, we always come from wholeness and not our perceived brokenness or shortcomings. Realizing she was "wondrously made" was the key to Moorjani’s healing. She recognized she was already whole, regardless of her physical condition. Moreover, Moorjani makes it clear that even if a person does not have a physical healing, they are still whole. When Moorjani realized her inherent wholeness, she became her greatest cheerleader and rejoiced in herself as a whole expression of God. We can do the same.

To come from that place of wholeness – individually and collectively – we need to be our greatest cheerleaders and affirm that we are wondrously made regardless of what's going on around us. Wholeness is our true identity. Let us make that the activity of our awareness no matter what.

Peace and Blessings,


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