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SLC's Reopening Guidelines

Updated July 17, 2021

Dear Spiritual Life Center Members & Friends,

The following is an excerpt from Sacramento County Public Health article posted on July 17, 2021.  Click on the link above for the full article.

"Due to the recent day-over-day case rate increases of COVID-19 from the highly infectious Delta variant, the Sacramento County Public Health Officer strongly recommends masking indoors. Sacramento’s daily case rate has risen drastically in less than a month, from 3.8 on June 20 to 10 on July 14. 


While cases continue to surge and until vaccination rates have increased in Sacramento County, vaccinated residents are strongly recommended to wear masks in indoor settings where vaccination verification is not required and the vaccination status of others is unknown. For example, in a workplace where employee rules allow for no mask after self-attestation of vaccination status, masks do not need to be worn by those who are vaccinated. But in a public space such as a grocery store or restaurant, masks are strongly recommended, regardless of vaccination status.


The current California Department of Public Health (CDPH) masking mandate requires individuals that are not vaccinated to wear face coverings in indoor settings. In addition, face coverings are required in healthcare settings, jails, public transportation, and schools." 

The SLC Board of Trustees approved the following reopening guidelines that are in alignment with the June 15th Executive Order, California Department of Health, and Cal/OSHA guidelines. SLC's reopening guidelines below also incorporate the July 17th recommendations above regarding the wearing of facemasks in public settings. 

  • All Social Distancing requirements have been eliminated.


  • Facemasks are required indoors for those not fully vaccinated and are optional (but strongly recommended) for those who are fully vaccinated.  (Applies to everyone including, but not limited to staff, volunteers, musicians, contractors, visitors, teens and youth (2 and under exempt), etc.) 


  • SLC will post signage at all doors leading into both the Office Building and the Sanctuary/Annex and Courtyard bathrooms.  Facemasks in the Courtyard are optional but unvaccinated individuals are advised to wear face masks outdoors when there is a large gathering and social distancing is not possible.


SLC Courtyard Policy.png
07.17.21 Revised SLC Facemask Policy.png

  • Because COVID can be spread through the air, any unvaccinated person who is singing from the platform on Sunday must either get a negative COVID test or must sing behind a shield. Unvaccinated musicians who do not sing need only wear masks indoors. As capacity permits, first row of chairs will be moved back when we fully open on June 20th. Staff given authority to adjust seating as needed without further Board approval.


  • SLC will be asking everyone to self-attest and will no longer be requiring proof of vaccinations.


  • Since children under 12 do not have access to vaccines, those under 12 in our youth program are required to wear masks when indoors.  The SLC Youth Education teachers and volunteers, regardless of vaccination status, will wear masks in solidarity with the children as department procedure, not board mandated policy. When weather permits, Youth Education may try to host the kids in designated areas outside but will check in with parents and families for guidance. Youth Education will be free to make procedure changes within Board approved guidelines as they deem necessary.


  • In the Sanctuary, staff is directed to provide a section that has socially distanced chairs for anyone who may wish to sit distanced from others regardless of their vaccination status. The distanced seats ARE NOT a vaccinated vs unvaccinated seating section. The distanced seats are available (first come, first served) to anyone wishing to social distance. The annex (overflow room) will be set as normal though individuals may spread out as they see fit.

  • Since face masks are optional (but strongly recommended) in the Courtyard, we will set up maximum seating of chairs in the Courtyard for those wishing to view the service there. State guidelines recommend that unvaccinated individuals should continue to wear face masks outdoors especially in large gatherings when social distancing is not possible.


  • Sunday will have self-serve hospitality as usual. 


  • Drinking fountains are now working.

SLC will continue to offer live-streaming of our 9 am and 11 am services on YouTube and on Facebook.

Thank you for holding us in prayer and affirming that our community is a safe, vibrant, loving family that accepts everyone, no exceptions. We are grateful to be able to gather once again for our live Sunday Experience.  

Peace and Blessings,

Rev. James Trapp & SLC's Board of Trustees