In-Person and Virtual Sunday Experiences
September 2021

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September 05

09.05.21 Sunday Experience YT TN .jpg

The foundation of all prosperity is non-material substance. Right understanding and use of this substance is the solution to all experiences of lack in any area of our lives.

Colors: Wheat & Brown

September 12

09.12.21 Sunday Experience YT TN IM.jpg

Seeing things rightly is an essential element in the study of Truth. The spiritual practice of visualization is a most important tool to achieve that right seeing. 

Blue & Green

September 19

_09.19.21 Sunday Experience YT TN IM_pm.jpg

To up-level our spiritual abundance, we must first, dedicate our thoughts and actions to Spirit, secondly, practice the principle of circulation, and thirdly, appreciate what is working in our life.

Teal & Rose

September 26

09.26.21 Sunday Experience YT TN IM_pm IM.png

As human beings we have unlimited potential. How do we tap into that potential knowing full well we are better at some things than others – so how can I really be unlimited? 

We all want to feel special. ‘Special’ comes from the outer affirmation, from acceptance.  ‘Specialized’ means we live from the inside out, knowing and using our unique gifts and co-creating with others whose gifts blend with ours.  

Orange & Purple