In-Person and Virtual Sunday Experiences
December 2021

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December 05

12.5.21 Sunday Experience YT TN_pm.jpg

Advent and Adventure come from the same root word – to come. An adventure is an unusual and stirring experience. This season allows us to embark on an inner adventure to rediscover our own light, our Christ consciousness. When we come back to our true selves, we live in peace.

Blue & Purple


December 12

12.12.21 Sunday Experience YT TN im_pm.jpg

Advent is a season in which we can immerse ourselves in the qualities of the one Presence.  This week we focus on the inner principle of Joy. 

Winter Rose


December 19

12.19.21 Sunday Experience YT TN im_pm.jpg

This week we explore the Advent experience of Love - the power that binds everything together. 

Plum & Silver


December 26

12.26.21 Sunday Experience YT TN  PM_ IM_pm.jpg

Christmas is about celebrating the Christ Consciousness that is inherent in every person. In this contemplative service, we explore the development of the Christ Consciousness through the four progressive paths as modeled by Jesus the Christ and the Christmas story. 

Red & Green