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The Origin of the Evolutionary Council

The inception of the Evolutionary Council arose from Spiritual Life Center's transition from a minister-centric church into a mission-centric member-owned spiritual cooperative. In this Integral Ministry Practice, there are four metaphorical legs of the stool: the Members, Ministry, the Board, and staff. The Evolutionary Council represents the Members.


The key component of mission-centric ministry is we have a shared spiritual mission. The Evolutionary Council's purpose is to elevate the voices of SLC's members. 


1st Evolutionary Council Initiative:

2020 Heart2Heart Conversations

As a first step, the Evolutionary Council was tasked to conduct Heart2Heart Conversations with members in order to deeply listen to members and understand what was currently impactful as well as where there were opportunities for SLC to evolve.      

​The Purpose of Heart2Heart Conversations:

To connect with SLC members in an open, loving, and accepting way; to listen deeply and record what they value and what would support them to be more connected with Spiritual Life Center’s ministry.


From February 23, 2020, to August 19, 2020, 104 SLC respondents were interviewed during a Heart2Heart Conversation with one of the 25 EC-trained facilitators.

Highlights from the

2020 Heart2Heart Conversations Report

During the Heart2Heart conversations, facilitators asked each respondent about their SLC experience. Categorized below are ways respondents have experienced SLC's mission to transform lives as we love, serve and remember. Also listed are emerging and evolving opportunities that respondents identified that have resulted in new initiatives for our spiritual cooperative.  

The Heartfelt Learnings From Your Voices




  • Community and Friendship

  • Music and Art 

  • Unity and Interfaith Messages

  • Opportunities for Spiritual Growth and Development (Faith-In-Action, Women of Spirit, Prayer and Meditation Classes/Group, etc.)



  • Community Giving Program (formerly the Tithing Committee)

  • Volunteer Opportunities (within and outside of SLC)

  • Community Involvement (River clean-up, Habitat for Humanity, etc.)



  • Who we've come here to be (Sunday Message, Q Process)

  • Our roots (Interfaith, Oneness)

  • To love and serve daily

The Impact from Your Voices:

Interfaith – A Monthly Interfaith Connection podcast


Youth – Evaluating needs of different age groups and families providing more opportunities to serve and learn leadership skills and building a youth and family-oriented ministry.


Connect – Building more opportunities for virtual connections (Courtyard Chats, Mighty Networks), socializing (Virtual Bingo nights), enhancing SLC’s newcomer program, and creating more opportunities to connect 1:1 and in small groups virtually and in person (dependent of COVID closure guidelines).

Facility Changes – Attention to providing a quiet zone, having a youth-friendly space, and multi-functional use of office space.


Opportunities to Serve – Supporting our Community Giving Partners through service, participating in Faith-In-Action, and serving at SLC and our local, national, and global community.



A huge heartfelt thank you to all the 104 passionate respondents and 25 facilitators who gave their time and talents to complete the Heart2Heart Conversations initiative.  You have been heard!  Your contribution has provided invaluable insights and will make a difference in our future efforts to evolve our spiritual cooperative.    




The work of the Evolutionary Council is now temporarily paused. The Board and Staff are working towards incorporating information gathered from the EC into the strategic plans for our spiritual community. Watch for further updates about EC's next Board directed initiative and ways you can be more involved with the Evolutionary Council.