Interfaith Explorers

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Monthly Podcast

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A fun and exciting monthly interfaith podcast hosted by Rachel Lyman and Rev. Dave Lyman, founders of Interfaith Explorers. Interfaith Explorers builds bridges by providing interfaith education and experiences of different faith traditions in the greater Sacramento region.

Each podcast will be an exploration and adventure with topics and guests from the interfaith world that will prove again we are all one!


Interfaith Explorers 2021 Special Services

Rituals of Light Part 1.png

SLC's Interfaith Explorers proudly presented Rituals of Light Part I on Wednesday, August 4th. Rev. Dave & Rachel Lyman, and guests Ann Roach & Carol Bruce, explored two rituals of light from two different faith traditions: Jewish - Hanukkah - Lighting the Menorah and Hindu/Sikh/Jain - Diwali Festival of Light.  

09.15.21 Rituals of Light Part 2 EL_dp im_dp im (2).jpg

SLC's Interfaith Explorers proudly presented Rituals of Light Part II on Wednesday, September 15. Join Rev. Dave & Rachel Lyman, and their Special Guests, Rev. Judith Davis and Kathy Frank explored two more rituals of light: Christian - Lighting of the Advent Candles and Kwanzaa - Lighting of the Kinari.