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Renew Membership

Renew Your Governing Membership

If you were an active Spiritual Life Center member, participant, or regular financial supporter when SLC's bylaw changes were approved in May 2020, you were grandfathered in as a Governing Member of Spiritual Life Center. As part of our integral ministry practice and in order to provide accurate information each year when completing our Annual Report to Unity Worldwide Ministry and to keep our internal records up to date, we ask our members to renew their membership with us annually. 

To renew your Governing Membership for 2023, please click on the link below. If you have been a Community Member for over a year, you are now eligible to renew your membership for 2023 as a Governing Member with voting privileges.


Our new membership process within the mission-centric ministry model now includes an annual renewal of membership for voting members, a.k.a. governing members. As part of the SLC spiritual cooperative and spiritual community, it is a powerful process to re-commit regularly to your community and your own spiritual practice.


There are three primary benefits to SLC's annual renewal process: 

  • The annual renewal acts as a spiritual process for you to go inside and re-connect with your commitment to your spiritual growth and this community.

  • The renewal process also gives SLC a tangible way to keep track of membership. By having each of you submit a renewal form, we can ensure our database is accurate and that we have current contact information to keep in touch.

  • And finally, by re-committing to whatever level of giving works for you, SLC can best manage the budget to provide you with inspiring programs, classes, music, and Sunday services throughout this calendar year.


We look forward to you saying YES to renewing your membership with Spiritual Life Center - an interfaith Unity spiritual cooperative dedicated to our mission of "Transforming Lives as We Love, Serve, and Remember."

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