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Renew Membership

Become a New or Renew Your Governing Membership Before the Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 19th

If you have been a Community Member for over a year, you are now eligible to renew your membership for 2024 as a Governing Member with voting privileges. Click on the link below to become a Governing Member.

If you were a 2023 Governing Member or an active Spiritual Life Center member, participant, or regular financial supporter when SLC's bylaw changes were approved in May 2020, you were grandfathered in as a Governing Member of Spiritual Life Center. We ask all our Governing Members to complete a new membership application each year for the following reasons:

  • To confirm each member's annual financial commitment;

  • To ensure we have accurate email, address and phone numbers; and

  • To have accurate membership numbers to report to Unity Worldwide Ministries for their annual report. 


It only takes a minute to complete, and is so vital to keeping our internal records up-to-date, so please become or renew your Governing Membership by our Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 19th so you can elect the new Board of Trustees.

If you are unsure about your eligibility to become a Governing Member, simply contact us at (916) 448-6508 for assistance.

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