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Frequently Asked Membership Questions


What’s new, what has changed?

In 2020, as part of our rollout of the mission centered ministry model, Spiritual Life Center updated the bylaws and developed a Membership Policy to reflect the new aspects of membership within a “spiritual cooperative”. We have adopted a phased in membership process for newcomers. To view the bylaws section on Membership and the Membership Policy, you can go to the Membership tab on the SLC website.


What are the phases of membership?

For new members - when someone decides they want to become a member of SLC, they will be asked to commit to saying yes to three things. (Click here to learn more about the Three Yesses for Membership.) They will begin as a non-voting Community Member for one year. After that one year, they are eligible to become a Governing Member with the ability to vote on any church matters. 


What are the commitments that will be asked of me for membership?

You will be asked to commit to saying “yes” to three things (the Three Yesses):

  1. I say YES to participating in spiritual education classes, small group ministries and other ways of deepening my spiritual practice.

  2. I say YES to sharing my talents in some form of meaningful service within SLC or out into the community.

  3. I say YES to a designated level of monthly financial support consistent with being in integrity with my capacity to contribute my fair share to the overall operations of Spiritual Life Center.


How do I know if I am a Governing/Voting Member?

Everyone who has already been attending Spiritual Life Center as of June 1, 2020 are automatically “grandfathered" into this new policy as Governing Members.


What about membership for teens, are there any age limits for membership?

A new Youth Membership phase has been added. Youth membership is open to those who are between 13 and 17 years of age. They are considered non-voting Community Members. When they turn 18 they are eligible to become voting Governing members.


Is there a minimum amount giving level required for membership?

No there is no minimum giving level required for membership. You are asked to give what you can.


Our third YES for membership is: “I say YES to a designated level of recurring financial support consistent with being in integrity with my capacity to contribute my fair share to the overall operations of Spiritual Life Center.”

Please note the statement reminds you to be integrity with your capacity to contribute your fair share to the overall operations of SLC. This is a personal decision, and we will offer a suggested cooperative share amount of $220 to give on a reoccurring monthly basis, BUT it is totally your decision.


How will the church know if I’ve met the Three Yesses?

You will self-certify your ongoing commitment to the three yesses in your annual renewal process. This is a spiritual agreement you make with yourself.


What is the process for renewal?

To retain your membership, you will need to renew it annually beginning in 2021. There will be more specific information coming on the ways to renew. We will be providing multiple formats for renewals.


What are the timeframes for renewal?

2022 renewals will begin on Sunday, April 10th and continue to the Annual Meeting on May 22. Although we are promoting the 2022 Membership Renewal during this campaign season, you can renew your membership at any time during 2022. 

Why are we initiating a membership renewal process?

There are two main reasons for asking members to renew annually. One is administrative and one is spiritual.


The administrative reason is for both our budgeting and recordkeeping processes. When folks renew it allows us to update our membership roster and contact information so it is more accurate and we can better communicate with our members. An updated roster also helps us know who is eligible to vote on any church matters. When you recommit to a specific giving amount this helps us effectively budget for operations and activity costs of the church.


The spiritual reason for membership renewal is about each of us taking a few moments annually to recommit to the Three Yesses for your own spiritual growth and your spiritual family. 


What happens if I forget to renew?

You can renew at anytime, however, if you are not renewed by the Annual Meeting, you will not be eligible to vote.


What if I want to take a break from being a member? How do I re-instate my membership and what’s required?

You may reinstate your membership within a year after lapse by completing a renewal form and recommitting to the Three Yesses. For more information, see Reinstatement section of the bylaws.


What if I do not choose to become a member?

We welcome you wherever you are on your spiritual path and at whatever level of commitment is right for you. If you are not interested in membership but would like to be recognized as a Friend of Spiritual Life Center that we can count on for regular financial support, please complete application so we can recognize you as a financial supporter and Friend of SLC.


I've been coming to SLC since it was founded but never joined but would like to now become a more active member.

Based on the criteria above, you will already be a considered a member and will just need to complete a renewal form for 2022 and commit to the Three Yesses.


What if I was a member at another Unity church and want to move my membership to SLC?

If you can say YES to the three things we are asking of members then you can sign up to be a member. If you prefer to remain a member of your current Unity church, but wish to also financially support SLC's mission to Transform Lives, please consider officially becoming a Friend of SLC. Click here for more details. 


What if I am part of a couple who are members of SLC? Do we renew as a couple or as individuals?

Everyone’s spiritual journey is a personal one so we are asking for individual membership renewals. This allows us to keep individual records and contact information for folks as well as individual commitments to the Three Yesses. If your giving is as a couple, just divide that amount in half as your projected amount. You can still continue to give in one single amount as you always have.


I am new to SLC. How do I become a member?

We are so glad that you are here, and we honor your commitment to this community. If you are ready to say YES to membership, simply complete the Community Membership Application by clicking on link below. We also offer bi-monthly new member orientations for those interested in learning more about becoming a SLC Community Member before submitting the commitment form. The next Community Member Information Session is scheduled for Sunday, June 26th at 1 pm PST. Stay tuned for registration details. 

More Questions?

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