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Rev. James Trapp

James Trapp is the Senior Minister of Worship and Community Outreach at Spiritual Life Center.


In addition to guiding the spiritual direction of the spiritual community, James is responsible for the creation and production of inspirational, high-energy, quality worship and special services for the SLC congregation. He “leads the charge” for community outreach within Sacramento, building bridges between faith communities and helping create a space to attract like-minded spirits to SLC.


Before taking on his position at SLC, James was the President and CEO of Unity Worldwide Ministries, the global association for the Unity Spiritual Communities. Prior to that, he served as Senior Minister at Unity on the Bay – a dynamic and inclusive spiritual community in South Florida.


James has been an active participant in cultivating a global spiritual community. He has participated in the Parliament of the World’s Religions twice, in Barcelona, Spain, and Melbourne, Australia. The Parliament’s aim, among other things, is to help foster mutual understanding and respect amongst the religions and spiritual traditions of the world. As an inspirational speaker and thought leader, James Trapp shares his message of respect and appreciation of, and harmony with, others in the global community.


James has been recognized numerous times for his dedication to community, diversity and tolerance. He is the recipient of the Humanitarian Award from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. He has also been inducted into Morehouse College’s Martin Luther King, Jr. International Board of Preachers, received an Honorary Doctorate in Sacred Theology from South Florida Theological Seminary, and was awarded the Key to the City of Miami.


Because of his life experiences, James has developed a deep sense of patience with and empathy for people. He has learned that the ability to listen is both undervalued and invaluable, a capacity that served him well in the various positions he has held throughout his career.


James is an accomplished practitioner and teacher of Mindfulness Meditation, is a student of nonviolent communication, and an advocate of Enlightened Leadership as well as the Appreciative Inquiry method for organizational change.


James is golfer (although people who observe him would beg to differ), chess player, loves movies, jazz, old school hip-hop and is a huge fan of anything related to the life and times of “The Greatest”, Muhammed Ali. He also loves wearing bright and colorful socks.


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We are an Interfaith Unity Spiritual Community dedicated to teaching and expressing a positive and practical spiritual approach to life. Our beliefs are in harmony with the basic tenets of the world’s great religions that teach love. 

SLC is a place to connect with God and discover the wonder of your own being. As a loving and supportive spiritual community, we encourage each other to pray effectively, think clearly, feel openly and love deeply. 

At SLC, thinking and questions are not only allowed, they are expected.  Together we explore the important questions of life such as:


"Why am I here?”

“What is my purpose?”

“How do I discern the voice of Higher Wisdom?”

“How do I live and love fully?”


Our programs are designed to help each person awaken to the spirit of God within by offering healing, friendship, wisdom and support as we travel along our spiritual pathways. The children of SLC are taught that they are born as original blessings and that they are part of a divine plan to bring love and peace to this world.


Now that you have found us online, I invite you to visit us. This is not your typical church. At SLC, we offer a positively unique approach to spirituality.


Peace & Blessings,

Rev. James Trapp

White Flowers
Rev. James Trapp

"We are not here to casually observe the unfolding of history. We are here to consciously participate in its revelation. Our world is remade, reformed, and transformed by the cutting-edge ideas we are in conversation about on a daily basis."

- Rev. James Trapp

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