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Friend of SLC

Phases of Membership

Spiritual Life Center Membership is like a labyrinth walk.

We acknowledge that there are people who are in our community, or have and prefer to be Friends of SLC rather than become members. We love and appreciate all our friends and value your participation in our community. We invite Friends who we can count on to help fund our mission to complete a Friend of Spiritual Life Center Commitment Form each year so we can know what we can count on from you for financial support, keep our database updated, and keep you informed about what's happening at the Center.

Community Membership

When a Friend of Spiritual Life Center, newcomer, or regular attendee chooses to become a member, they begin their journey as a Community Member. As a Community Member, you are figuratively entering the labyrinth and making a commitment to our own personal transformation. You are taking in all the spiritual and community experiences, getting introspective, focusing on personal growth, and are in receivership of all that Spiritual Life Center has to offer. Community members are welcome encouraged to begin or continue their personal journey of spiritual growth and understanding and are encouraged to become actively involved in our loving, and vibrant spiritual community. After being a non-voting member of our spiritual community for at least 1 year, then if so desired, a Community member can apply to be a Governing (voting) member if they are ready to move into a felt sense of ownership of what our spiritual cooperative and its mission to Transform Lives.

As a Youth Member, you are also figuratively entering labyrinth like newcomers to Unity, New Thought principles, or Spiritual Life Center as an Interfaith Unity Spiritual Community. You are taking in experiences, introspective, focusing on personal growth, and in receivership of this ministry’s offerings. You are beginning to understand and commit to actively participating in this ministry. You are non-voting members of the community from the age of 13 through 17. At age 18 you may apply for Governing (voting) membership after being a Youth Member for 1 year or can remain in receivorship as a Community Member continuing one's spiritual growth and personal explorations.

Youth Membership Application Will Be Available Soon

As a Governing Member you have been in our spiritual community long enought to have had your own personal transformational stories and life changing relationships with others in our spiritual community. You have gone within and are now exiting the labyrinth of personal growth and are interested in being a member owner of the spiritual cooperative to provide a safe space for others to have their own personal transformation as well. As a Governing member, you are considered a vested owner of our spiritual cooperative, committing to giving back with your time, talent, and treasure, and becoming more of who you have come here to be. You step in more fully into the Three YESSES for Membership after having personally experienced transformational growth in this spiritual community. Governing members take on leadership roles in their spiritual cooperative and are granted the right to vote in matters impacting our spiritual community.

Remote Membership: SLC has a large virtual community and we welcome you as part of our SLC Family. You may be a Friend, Youth, Community, or Governing Member remotely as long as you self-certify meeting the membership or commitment qualifications and renew your membership/commitment to SLC annually. 

Questions? Call us at (916) 448-6508 or email the Board of Trustees at

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