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Membership in Spiritual Life Center

Community Membership

We’re so glad you are interested in becoming a part of the 
Spiritual Life Center community.

We have two phases of membership in this ministry:
Community Members and Governing Members. Here is a description of each:


1. Community Member


Community Membership is open to anyone who is 18 years or older and occurs during the first year of your participation at Spiritual Life Center. During this time, you are in receivership of all that Spiritual Life Center has to offer. You are making a commitment to your own personal transformation. You are taking in spiritual and community experiences, gaining introspection, and focusing on personal growth. You are becoming acquainted with other members of our community. You are welcome to attend any and all of our Community Meetings and Annual meeting, and we welcome your ideas, suggestions, and questions.


2. Governing Member


After your first year at Spiritual Life Center, and having had your own personal transformational story, we encourage you to apply for Governing Membership. When you do so, please consider the amount of time, talent and treasure you think you can offer to Spiritual Life Center. Look at the Three Yesses (link below). If you are ready to make a commitment to the Three Yesses, please apply to become a Governing Member; you will be able to vote at any of our Community Meetings and Annual Meeting. 

SLC offers Community Member Information Sessions every other month to help you learn more about being a member of Spiritual Life Center. Membership orientation is not required for membership. When you are ready to join, simply choose the "Become a Member" link below. 

Once you have been a Community Member for one year, you can choose to become a voting Governing Member. All Governing Members are asked to renew their membership annually. This helps us to update our database with correct contact information and to know what we can count on our members to provide in terms of financial support.


To become a governing member or renew your current membership, see the link below for the “Governing Membership” form.

Your privacy and protection are important to us. SLC will never share or sell to a Third Party any personal contact information that you have provided.

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