Small Groups

Spiritual Life Center has a wide variety of small groups that have been created by congregants, just like yourself. These groups invite like-minded people to meet and establish a greater connection.

Men's Group

Join us to share practical ways to apply spiritual principles that we face in today's world. Monthly meetings are held 8:45 a.m. to noon on the third Saturday.

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Women of Spirit

Join us to celebrate our sisterhood, make new friends, laugh, play, and grow together. Monthly meetings held 8:30 a.m. to noon on the first Saturday.

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The Urantia Book Discussion Group

First, let me say that The Urantia Book consists of.196 papers and that Urantia is the name the authors of these papers give to our planet. Generally, we do meet to read from The Urantia Book. So I will have to provide some kind of introduction to The Urantia Book. 

If I were to say in the briefest way possible what The Urantia Book is I would use the word knowledge.  It is knowledge of the nature and attributes of God, knowledge of the physical universe, knowledge of the history of our planet, and knowledge of the life and teaching of Christ.  The larger purpose of the book is a presentation of the ascension scheme: our attainment of God and our purpose beyond that. The ascension scheme cannot be explained without the knowledge that was referenced. The book has four parts:  The Super Universe (the larger universe of approximately one trillion inhabitable worlds of which our planet is a part), The smaller Local Universe of approximately 10,000,000 inhabitable planets of which’s  Urantia is a part, The History of Urantia, and finally The Life and Teaching of Jesus.

This group began meeting in January of this year.  Because this book is a difficult read,  we started with the fourth part - the Life and Teaching of Jesus which is more accessible as most readers have familiarity with this subject.  When we have completed this part, we will begin reading from the beginning.  Potential participants should not be put off because this appears to be a difficult read.  Every effort is made to make the material understandable.


A Course In Miracles

If you want more peace in our life, consider attending this weekly text study group facilitated by Sally Scion. You do not need your own book to attend. We have extras to share.


Interfaith Explorers

Interfaith Explorers builds bridges by providing interfaith education and by supporting events of different faith traditions in the greater Sacramento region. Explore Interfaith traditions to expand your understanding of universal spirituality and our oneness.


Wednesday Morning Book Club

The next book starts January 20th.  It will also feature an animal - a bear to be precise.  It's The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff.  (We won't be reading the Te of Piglet.)    We've studied Buddhism and a bit of Hindu, and we've somehow neglected Tao.  Come and discover the riches of Tao with us on Wednesday mornings.

Get books (TTOP:  978-1405293785) at your favorite retailer.


Power of Silence Meditation

Are you looking for a way to know the Truth of your being more deeply? Is it hard to get into the practice of being in the Silence by yourself? I invite you to come together with your Spiritual Community in a practice of Silence. We meet weekly to take a deep dive into the Silence together.

We begin with a short meditation to lead us into the Silence. We sit in the Silence together for 45 minutes. In the Silence, our minds and our bodies relax, and we are present for what arises. It is your opportunity to pay attention to our inner nature, the Truth that we are. This time in the Silence is a gift you give to yourself.

This time not only nourishes our spiritual being. Studies show that a committed practice of Silence not only has spiritual benefits, but it also nourishes our physical and emotional wellbeing. Silence helps new brain cells in the hippocampus to grow. These are responsible for the formation of emotions. Silence helps activate the brain, and helps the transfer of information from the short-term memory to long-term memory. Silence is a natural anti-stress remedy. It is vital for our brains, and just what we need to regenerate our tired brains and bodies. It’s what brings our Body, Mind, and Spirit into alignment.

But, here’s the deal: we have to do it! Come join us in the Silence. Drop-ins welcome. Love Offering.