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The Three Yesses

As a member of Spiritual Life Center (both Community and Governing members) we are asking you to say “YES” to three things:

1. I say YES to participating in spiritual education classes, small group ministries and other ways of deepening my spiritual practice.

2. I say YES to sharing my talents in some form of meaningful service within SLC or out into the community.

3. I say YES to a designated level of recurring financial support consistent with being in integrity with my capacity to contribute my fair share to the overall operations of Spiritual Life Center.

Here are examples of ways to meet these Three Yesses. You may meet them any way you choose including but not limited to the items listed below.


1. Examples of Spiritual Education Classes:

  • The Q Process Class & Coaching sessions

  • Unity Basics Class

  • New Member Orientation

  • Small Group Educational Opportunities (i.e. ongoing small groups, Faith in Action groups, etc.)

  • Special Guest Speaker Workshops


2. Examples of Meaningful Service:

  • Serving on any teams such as the Community Giving Team, Finance Committee etc., the Board of Trustees, volunteering for any events, workshops, activities or in any capacity within SLC

  • Volunteering with any of SLC's selected non-profit Community Partners or with any organization of your choice outside of SLC.


3. Examples of Financial Support:

  • Giving what you can on a monthly/regular basis, making it automatic if possible

  • Sponsorships for events and activities

  • Special gifts and donations

  • Including SLC in end of life planning


Membership Transfer

Those wishing to transfer an active membership from another Unity church will be asked to commit to the Three Yesses. You will need to complete a Governing Member application form as well as participate in the annual renewal process.

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