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How to Create What You Really Want

I recently recalled a conversation I’d had with a 12-year-old elementary school student who happened to model for The Gap’s children’s clothing line. I casually said to her that it was wonderful that she worked for The Gap and was somewhat taken aback when she responded by saying, “I don’t just work for the Gap. I am The Gap!” The emotion and intensity in her reply indicated that being at The Gap was not just a nice thing to do; it was something she embodied within every cell of her being. Her parents said even before their daughter did her first modeling job, she identified herself as energetically inseparable from The Gap.

That young student demonstrated an important quality necessary for manifesting what we really want in life: our self-identity must align with what we want to create. We must remind ourselves everyday who we really are so our life may begin to reflect this. The thoughts and messages we send to ourselves influence our actions, which ultimately create our life. So be mindful of how you see yourself; you may be what stands in your way of getting where you want to be.

In addition to being intentional about our self-subscribed identities, here are 5 more steps that can be used to create what you want:

  1. Know what you don’t want. Knowing what you don’t want helps clarify what you do want. This clarity leads to a decision that will naturally cut away everything not in alignment with your desires.

  2. Know what you do want. It is best to begin by narrowing your focus down no more than 3 major wants at any given time. The universe responds when we are clear and focused on what we want, which is more easily achieved when we don’t clutter our minds with too many desires at once.

  3. Describe vividly and with emotion why you want what you want. Like the young model illustrated, an intense desire begets the vibrational frequency of your point of attraction for your desires. Your job is to stay focused bring more and more positive energy to what you want. The universe will do the rest.

  4. Describe why you believe you will have it and know without a shadow of doubt that you will achieve it. No matter what the odds are, you must have faith and believe in the possibility of a miracle. Don’t second-guess your desire with the “Yes-But” theory. If you have any resistance whatsoever, you will cancel out your creation.

  5. Get Happy. Happiness and joy are high vibrations of energy and are conducive to generating creative and prosperous ideas. So get your happy on as you realize all things, people and events are contributing to the manifestation of your desires.

In sum, have a positive mind and clarity of what you want, and do your part to manifest your heart’s desires. Then you will bring about the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Peace and Blessings,


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