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From Me to We

In February 1992, I went to Unity Village for the first time to interview for entry into the Ministerial Program. It was a big deal for me at the time and I wanted everything to go smoothly. As things turned out, I arrived at the Kansas City Airport as planned but my luggage ended up somewhere else. I was scheduled to be interviewed first thing the next morning and since I could not get ahold of my interview suits, I prepared to attend my interviews wearing the extremely casual clothes I wore on the flight from Florida.

The very first person I happened to meet when I arrived on the grounds was a fellow interviewee and, as divine order would have it, he had an extra suit just my size. He loaned me his suit and averted what in my mind was likely to be a disastrous situation (Of course there would not have been a disaster; it was only my attachment to an expectation that wasn’t met. But that’s another story). Needless to say, both of us ended up being accepted into the program and going through the seminary together. He ended up being one of my closest and dearest friends and we’ve been interconnected on a deep level ever since. This generous and dear friend is Jim Lee.

Rev. Jim and his wife Rev. Lisa Lee will be at Spiritual Life Center this weekend to present “Traveling at the Speed of Love.” They will be sharing an innovative philosophy and the next iteration of collective spirituality. The program they facilitate is longed for in this time of apparent separation. While most spiritual practices are geared to benefit the individual and are more often than not “Me” focused, the Lee’s bring tools thatmove us from “Me” to “We” through the “Mutual Awakening Practice;” a practice spearheaded by Patricia Albere, the founder of a global community of spiritual pioneers exploring the next stage of human evolution. Diving into this work satiates our inherent longing to be seen, supported and deeply connected to other human beings. During this time of great change and uncertainty, it is important to evolve away from the personal in a direction of shared awakening.

Jim is a magnificent spiritual teacher. He and Lisa are bringing to us powerful practices that direct the individual human awareness towards our interconnection with everything and everyone in order to restore optimism and hope for humanity’s collective future. I invite you to be part of this experience this weekend. After all, it won’t be the same without you.

Peace and Blessings,


P.S. For details and to Register for “Traveling at the Speed of Love” click here.

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