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Call No One on Earth Your Father

It was about 4 p.m. on a Friday. I was in the fifth grade and had just gotten home from school. The only thing on my mind was the homework assignment I dreaded doing because I didn’t think I could do it.

The assignment was to write a poem. That week, we talked about poets and read several poems they wrote. We had to write an original poem to wrap up the poetry-learning experience. But there were a couple of problems—I was not too fond of poetry and believed I couldn't write a poem.

Later that evening, my Dad came home, and I told him how I had to do this homework assignment, and I didn't believe I could do it. My Dad asked me, "Can you write a poem?" And I said, "Absolutely not!" And then he said something I will never forget: "Well, I believe you can. So, believe in my belief in you.”

My Dad and I then sat down, and with his help, I wrote a poem about baseball. The poem was good—good enough to be printed in a local magazine that published writing for elementary school kids.

My Dad suddenly passed away almost fifty years ago. He was only forty-six when he passed. But whenever Father's Day approaches, I remember that experience of him helping me write that poem, and how I could borrow his belief in me when I didn't have faith in myself.

I realize that not everyone has that example of a father. Perhaps their father died early, was not in their life, or was abusive. I give thanks to my father, who was there for me. Everyone did not have that.

But the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ, reminded us we all can claim our Universal Father who has been here before we made this incarnation, and will be here after we shuffle off the mortal coil. There is an eternal Father's presence for all of us. Jesus said, "Call no man on earth your father." We all have one Father – the Spirit of the Living God. This one presence is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And this presence believes in us no matter what we think about ourselves.

So, as we celebrate Father's Day, remember: even when we don't have a father figure on earth, we are never fatherless. There is a spiritual energy we can lean on anytime and anywhere that has no beginning or end. This divine energy is saying to us in a feeling, if not in words, "You are my beloved, and I am well pleased. I believe in you no matter what."

Happy Father’s Day.

Peace and Blessings,


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