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The Power of Intention

One of my college classmates called me last Thursday to let me know another one of our classmates was gravely ill. That classmate was Gregory Allen Howard, best known for, among other works, being the screenwriter for the wildly successful movie, Remember the Titans, starring Denzel Washington. The

next day, I got word he had succumbed to his illness and made his transition.

Gregory was an exceptionally talented writer who wrote with great wit and historical insight. He had a radiant personality that was a magnet of attraction for anyone who crossed his path. I will miss him dearly for who he was as a friend and fellow human being.

One of the things I will most remember about my friend Greg is when he told me the story of when he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a screenwriter. He was working in New York at a Wall Street firm. The money was great, but the work was not his passion. One day he decided to go to the movies.

The movie moved him and captivated his attention. After the movie, he had a moment of clarity, and right then and there, he decided to become a screenwriter.

Gregory moved to Hollywood, California, to pursue his dream without looking back. It was a challenging journey. When Gregory went to Hollywood, it was tough for an African American to make it as a writer in show business, but he held fast to his intention and persevered, doing what he had to do. So, he worked part-time as a member of writing rooms teams for little-known TV shows and did telemarketing on the side to pay his bills.

Eventually, Greg Howard became the only African American screenwriter to write an unsolicited script that became a $100 million movie: Remember the Titans. My friend demonstrated and personified the power of intention. Greg’s life reminded me that setting intentions are powerful and can yield many benefits.

Here are three benefits of having an intention that I gleaned from my friend:

1. Intention gives you clarity and direction: Having an intention helps to clarify what you want to achieve and gives you a sense of direction in life, enabling you to prioritize your goals and work towards them with purpose.

2. Intention increases motivation: Having a clear intention can increase your motivation and drive to work towards your goals, helping you to overcome any obstacles that may come your way.

3. Intention provides fulfillment and satisfaction: When you have an intention and work towards it, the sense of accomplishment and pride you feel can be incredibly fulfilling, leading to greater happiness and contentment.

Gregory Allen Howard, I thank you for being a great friend and forever reminding me of the power of intention and, most importantly, how to turn intentions into reality.

Godspeed on your journey my friend.

Peace and Blessings,


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