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Who We Are  •  What We Believe  •  Our Vision

Our Affirmation

Spiritual Life Center is a radiating center of Love and Light, attracting to it the people and abundant resources to fulfill its divine purpose. And so it is. And so we let it be.

Our Vision

Spiritual Life Center is a loving, vibrant family that welcomes home all people and accepts everyone
— no exceptions.
Weaving ancient spiritual traditions with emerging wisdom, we cultivate a spiritual deepening with The Divine, each other, and our planet.

Our Mission

Spiritual Life Center is an Interfaith Unity Ministry dedicated to the following mission:
"Transforming Lives to Make a Positive Difference in the World as We Love, Serve, and Remember"

Love God, ourselves, each other and our planet.



The love of God is expressed through service to others and by

preparing conscious leaders who will inspire our future generations.



We are one with God.  All life is sacred. Each person is empowered to fulfill his

or her divine purpose while living passionately, loving generously and serving joyfully.

The Five Unity Principles

1.  God is absolute good and everywhere present.​

2.  People are inherently good​.

3.  Thoughts create our experiences.​

4.  Prayer and meditation are how we connect with God.​

5.  We must take action​.

Honoring the many paths to God.

Spiritual Life Center helps people of all faiths apply positive spiritual principles in their daily lives. As an Interfaith Unity community, we believe these spiritual principles:


  • God is the One Presence and One Power in the Universe.


  • Our essence is spiritual, and as such, each person is a unique expression of God’s love and life.


  • God speaks through many teachers, East and West, ancient and contemporary.


  • Our purpose is to grow spiritually, so that we may fully express Love’s presence on Earth.

  • “As you sow, so shall you reap.” What we give, whether love, time, talent or money, multiplies and returns to us.

  • Service to each other is the highest form of worship.

  • Each person has freedom in matters of spiritual belief and practices.

See how Dr. Maya Angelou's life was transformed by the teachings of Unity:
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