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Who We Are  •  What We Believe  •  Our Vision

Loving, Vibrant Family

Spiritual Life Center is a loving, vibrant family that welcomes home all people and accepts everyone — no exceptions. Weaving ancient spiritual traditions with emerging wisdom, we cultivate a spiritual deepening with The Divine, each other, and the planet.


Affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries, Spiritual Life Center offers transformative Interfaith Unity services, classes, and workshops, while providing a roadmap for continuous spiritual growth opportunities that are accessible to everyone.


Spiritual Life Center provides ongoing small groups which provide ways to create and maintain intimate connections.


Spiritual Life Center builds bridges of love through its interfaith partnerships while developing leaders who will inspire future generations to:


  • Participate in the community while serving others

  • Connect with others in prayer

  • Fully share their gifts of time, talent, and treasure

  • Build strong spiritual families who honor all paths to God


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