SLC Board of Trustees Update

March 31, 2020


Your SLC Board had a “virtual” meeting last week and we are providing you with an update on some of the things we are doing behind the scenes. We are grateful for this amazing spiritual community and committed to finding new and creative ways to be of service during these unusual times. Here is a summary of the topics we discussed and decisions we have made.


SLC Services & Programs

We are happy that we have been able to provide Sunday services, WOW Wednesdays, and weekday meditations by way of Facebook and YouTube and will be continuing that until further notice. We are also exploring other ways to do small groups and classes online to continue to offer spiritual support to our community. The Internet is a gift right now.


SLC Finances

We reviewed the impact of canceling in-person Sunday services and while revenue is down because of that, the online giving has helped offset some of the loss and we thank you so much for continuing to support SLC. More is needed to keep things going in the months to come so we just ask you to continue consistently giving what you can either by EFT, online donations, by phone, or by mailing-in. Every little bit helps. We also acknowledge that these are tough times for many people so the emphasis is on “doing what you can”.


We were able to meet our operating expenses and salaries for March and decided to commit to doing the same for April. This included paying hourly and contract labor their normal work hours so they are not without income during our mandatory closure. We will be having a special Board meeting on April 9th to reassess our financial status and will make decisions for May. We will also be exploring all government assistance options available for churches and non-profits in the long term.


Community Giving

This year we established a list of Community Giving Partners for each month. We have already contributed to our March organization. For April we had already notified World Relief that we would be giving them $1000.00 on April 1st. The Board decided that we would honor that commitment for April. For the rest of 2020 we will be looking at community giving on a month-by-month basis to do what we can.


Bylaws Revision

The Board decided to reschedule the vote on our revised bylaws until our Annual Meeting set for May 17th.  If we are still not able to meet in person, the Board will explore online voting options.


Evolutionary Council and Heart to Heart Conversations

This program is on hold for now and the Heart to Heart Conversations will be scheduled once we can meet face-to-face.


New Board of Trustees Application Process

We have one vacancy to fill for 2020. Applications will be accepted electronically and interviews will be conducted once we can meet face-to-face. Be looking for more information on dates for applications.


A special motion was made by the Board for an emergency extension of Carolyn Cochran’s term as Board President to maintain continuity and to allow for the time needed to fill her upcoming vacancy. Normally that would have occurred at the May Annual Membership Meeting but we are uncertain whether we can complete the application, interview, and voting process by then so a short term extension of a few months was necessary.


SLC staff and Board continue to explore ways to fulfill our mission of transforming lives and providing spiritual support to all of you. We are grateful for all of you and for your continued support in whatever ways you can. We know and affirm that we are all connected and that all is well even when things may look differently on the outside.



Carolyn Cochran, Board President


SLC Board of Trustees

Sally Scion – Vice President

George Piper - Treasurer

Deborah Moskovitz - Secretary

Martha Mills - Trustee

JG Gonsalves - Trustee

Rick Mercer - Trustee

Monte Richardson - Trustee

Kim McLaughlin - Trustee

Jennie Thomas - Trustee

James Trapp – Senior Minister