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Call for SLC Board of Trustees

SLC Board of Trustee Call for Nominees & Applications

Are you being called to serve as a SLC Trustee?


The SLC Board of Trustees Nomination Committee is seeking nominations and applications for Trustee positions for a three year term from June 2023 – May 2026.

The current Trustees will once again host an information session, So You Want to Be a Board Member, on Sunday, March 19th from 1 – 2 p.m. at the Center and via Zoom. This information session is open to anyone. Learn about the role and responsibility of the Board of Trustees, be briefed on the next steps in our transition to Mission-centered ministry, chat with your current Trustees and ask questions. Sign up at The Hub in the courtyard or send an email to

We are also seeking nominations for two SLC members to serve on the SLC Board of Trustee Nomination Committee which will review applications, interview applicants, and nominate final candidates. Throughout the month of March, you can stop by the Hub in the courtyard on Sunday to talk to a Trustee. The SLC Board of Trustee Nomination Application will be available to complete online as of March 15th. Applications are due March 27th. Interviews will take place in early April. The final candidates will be voted on at our SLC Annual Membership Meeting in May.

Application Coming Soon!


Being Called to Serve on the Board of Trustees?


Are you feeling called to step into a role that can truly shape the vision of Spiritual Life Center (SLC)? Are you seeking a new way to pay it forward and give back in some way to your spiritual community? If so, your divine appointment may be to apply for the SLC Board. And you may be wondering what it involves, or what kind of a time commitment it will be?  We’ve answered some frequently asked questions about serving on the board and have also included several informative documents for your consideration. If you still have questions once you’ve reviewed the SLC Board of Trustee application, feel free to send an email to and an SLC trustee will get back to you. Please complete the Board of Trustees Nomination Application found online by March 31st, 2020.

Note: Language and duties may change when/if the newly proposed bylaws are adopted on March 22, 2020. Refer to current and proposed bylaws for additional details.

Q.       What are the requirements for being an SLC Trustee?

A.       Under the existing bylaws, you must be an actual member of SLC, regular in your attendance at Sunday service, actively participate financially to help support SLC, regularly attend board meetings, serve on one or more standing committee and volunteer in some other capacity to support the programs or operations of SLC. You are encouraged to attend a Q Process training workshop, be willing to participate in the Q process, and approach situations from the Q principles as a Trustee.


Trustees must:

  • hold matters in confidence as there may be times when sensitive, confidential information is shared with the Board;

  • bring a spiritual mind-set and see their spiritual path as an important part of who they are;

  • have the ability to participate in regular electronic correspondence. 

          Note: Under the proposed new bylaws, Spiritual Life Center will formally shift to a mission-driven model of ministry which will include the implementation of a new funding model and a new membership structure with an annual renewal process. The Board of Trustees will drive the implementation of this new model and champion the annual membership renewal campaign.


Q.       How much time is involved in being a SLC Trustee?

A.       Newly elected trustees attend a 3 hour orientation session in late May or early June conducted by the Board president prior to attending their first board meeting in late June. Generally, the Trustees devote at least 4 - 5 hours per month to prepare for, and attend, the monthly board meeting held the fourth Thursday of the month from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm, plus approximately 6-12 additional hours per month depending on committee work, volunteer work on Sunday, or following up on various projects. In addition, there are usually two Board of Trustee retreats per year, one that is typically 2 to 3 days in the summer and a second 1 day retreat typically held in the fall. Quarterly planning meetings with SLC Staff/Volunteers and the SLC Trustees are alternately scheduled during the day and the evening to maximize attendance. Video-conferencing technology is an option as needed on a limited basis.


Q.       What kind of knowledge, skills or education do I need to serve?

A.       The SLC Trustees have identified a range of complimentary knowledge, experience, and skills that Trustees will draw upon to guide SLC into the next phase of spiritual and developmental growth. These include: a consciousness of Abundance and mutual respect; electronic communication and collaboration; nonprofit administrative experience; membership recruitment; financial management and accounting; marketing and promotion; fundraising and fund development; legal expertise; strategic planning; team leadership and development; event planning; policy development; project management; youth and adult spiritual education. Increasingly, SLC Board of Trustee work is conducted via electronic means. Trustees commit to regularly checking and responding to email and are comfortable working with electronic documents in Word and PDF formats. In the selection process, the SLC Trustee Nominating Committee will look for a variety of skills and backgrounds, as the diversity provides for sound decision-making. We find that when people bring different skills, perspectives, and spiritual insight, it all contributes to the whole.

Q.       What is the decision-making process used by the Board of Trustees?

A.       The meeting agendas are assembled by the SLC Board of Trustee President and the Senior Minister who solicit input from Trustees and staff. The meetings open with prayer, brief sharing, and then the business at hand. Items needing a decision are discussed and then voted on. Generally, through good and honest, caring, sharing, and discussion, decisions are reached as simple majority votes. Whether the vote is unanimous or split, once the decision is made, every Trustee is expected to support the decision of the Board.


Q.       Apart from attending the monthly SLC Board of Trustee meeting, what are specific expectations, duties, and responsibilities of the Trustee?

A.       Trustees participate in counting the Sunday and Wednesday offerings. They also serve on or chair one or more standing committees which include the Membership Committee, the Finance Committee, the Community Abundance Committee (formerly known as the Prosperity Committee), the Community Giving Committee, and the Facilities Committee. Trustees are invited to participate on a variety of other committees such as the Volunteer/Events Committee and Youth Education. Trustees may also volunteer to assist during or after Sunday or Wednesday services and may also be asked to make live announcements about Board sponsored events or programs, and to support various activities and major fundraising events.

Additional major duties and responsibilities of the Trustee, as outlined in the bylaws include, but are not limited to:

  • holding the spiritual purpose of Spiritual Life Center as stated in the bylaws;

  • be conversant with the bylaws and policies of Spiritual Life Center;

  • uphold the best interest of the membership in conducting business on behalf of Spiritual Life Center;

  • hiring of the Senior Minister(s) and the evaluation of and contracting for his/her services;

  • making decisions on major policy recommendations;

  • along with the Senior Minister, set priorities for the Spiritual Life Center;

  • review and approval of the annual budget and the monthly finance report;

  • Provide for the administration of the real and personal property of this ministry.

Q.       What is the leadership structure of the Board?

A.       Board of Trustees officers consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, who along with the Senior Minister make up the Executive Team of the Board of Trustees. The officers are elected by current Trustees each year at the June Board of Trustee meeting and serve for one year unless re-elected.  Refer to the bylaws for a summary of duties.


Q.       Is the Senior Minister a voting member of the Board?

A.       Yes.


Q.       What is the term of office for a SLC Board of Trustee?

A.       Trustees are elected for a three-year term and may be re-nominated and approved by the SLC members for a second consecutive three-year term. Six years is the maximum time a Trustee may serve at any one time.  They can apply again at a later time, after at least a one year hiatus.

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