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Time for a Revolution in Values

Fake news on the Internet. A major car manufacturer purposely creates devices that give false emission test results in order sell more cars. Oil companies seek to thwart the growth of electric cars. Each of these examples has one thing in common: material gain at the expense of the common good.

As we approach Christmas, we are reminded that this season is not only about peace on Earth, but also goodwill toward all. If we are to live out this vision, there must be a revolution of values.

If the world is to rise above the human tendency to put material gain before the common good, there must be this transformational shift. This means, among other things, embodying a value system that is based on the premise that we are not just here to succeed materially, but to be of service to a spiritual idea. This is the new definition of success.

When we are of service to a spiritual idea, there is not only material abundance, but also unbounded energy, divine wisdom, vitality and the experience of being a finely tuned instrument of God that anchors heaven on Earth.

If we live from a value system in which we seek to get all of our satisfaction from the external world, what inevitably follows is dissatisfaction. Genuine satisfaction comes from realizing our connection with the qualities of Spirit and each other.

We know that whatever we value has a tendency to become the quality of our character and the way we walk in the world. I believe we are in the midst of a great revolution of values in America and on the planet. It may not appear that way when we see news reports of an Ohio State University student who ran his car into a group of innocent people on the campus sidewalk and began stabbing passersby, causing 11 students and faculty to be injured. Or when we hear the incendiary and divisive rhetoric of the recent presidential campaign. Others have pointed out the nationalist hate groups that have come forward in some of our communities. It makes one think that things are bad and getting worse.

Yet in the midst of all those appearances, there is a positive revolution of values taking place. We can look around and see more spiritual centers springing up around the world that embrace all people. Spiritual books and films are taking off and becoming billion-dollar industries. Meditators and yoga teachers are no longer looked upon as weird people, but as necessary individuals in our society and our world.

There is a revolution of values that is underway and it can be seen by those who look out beyond a casual observation. One can feel something taking place that may not be evident on the news or the Internet. It may not seem that values like peace, acceptance, love and the nonmaterial qualities of Spirit are present right now. But those doing the spiritual work can indeed see something is happening.

As we stand, as a community and as individuals, for this revolution of values, more of those values will show up in our world. The opportunity is here for us. Let’s embrace it.

Peace & Blessings,


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