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Are You Willing to Take a Stand for Oneness?

Support Spiritual Life Center

“My life has been completely transformed by Spiritual Life Center.” —Celia Coughlin-Surridge

Dear Friend of Spiritual Life Center,

The world needs you. That may sound a little melodramatic, but it’s true.

We are all aware of what’s showing up in our world today: polarized politics; divisiveness based on religious background, race, sexual orientation or national origin; acts of terrorism and threats to our environment—just to name a few. At no time in human history has the message of Oneness and Unity been more desperately needed. The world is in critical need of the principles and teachings that we offer at Spiritual Life Center. The appearance of darkness is great.

That’s why I’m writing to you.

You can spread the light of Unity to the shadow side of human consciousness. You can help humankind strive for hope, healing and the highest good for all. You can show the world that universal spiritual principles are not abstract ideas, but practical means for daily living in Divine Consciousness.

“At Spiritual Life Center, I have had excellent opportunities to learn practical spiritual principles which have greatly improved the quality of my life. I have had the opportunity to meet and form relationships with a diverse group of people who share an interest in spiritual knowledge and growth.” —Jennifer Enright

Our assignment is to usher in a new way of being in our communities and the world. We need the support of spiritual agents like you to spread the message of Oneness, so these ideas and ideals become the norm of consciousness.

We are here to co-create communities and a world that works for everyone. No longer will we be concerned only about protecting ourselves and waste our energy fighting wars on terrorism, or wars on poverty, or wars on drugs, or wars on anything! Rather, by making spiritual principles the foundation on which people build their lives, we will help individuals, families, communities, nations and cultures bring out their true potential as spiritual beings.

“A series of miraculous events (that I could write a book about) led me to SLC. My life has been enriched. I asked my husband to come with me one Sunday and he was hooked. I continue to attend W.O.W. Wednesdays, Women of Spirit and especially enjoy Rev. Deborah’s Spiritual Explorations discussion group on Thursday mornings. I attend every workshop or class that I can and will continue to do so. I have found our spiritual home.” —Donna Norris

Some are very aware of Spiritual Life Center, but many others do not even know we exist. Spirit is calling on you and me to bring our message of Oneness to more people. Spiritual Life Center is one of the steady hands that protects, supports and guides seekers of Truth on their spiritual journeys. Yet there is so much more that Spirit has in store for us.

There are many people searching and yearning for what Spiritual Life Center has to offer, even if some of them don’t know it yet. We have a great opportunity to help people co-create the transformation they seek.

The task is too important, and the timing too critical. Your support is crucial …

I invite you to support Spiritual Life Center with your year-end gift. (Click here to make an online donation.) By supporting the programs and services we offer, your contribution will assist even more people to experience personal transformation and to thrive in every area of their lives. As we do our part to help more souls thrive, we begin to create communities and a world that works for all.

Your year-end gift will make a tremendous difference. Imagine the shift in human consciousness when the message of Unity and Oneness becomes the norm. That is the difference you can make.

As we build upon the programs and services at Spiritual Life Center that you so dearly love, we will also forge and deepen our relationships with like-minded organizations like the Parliament of the World’s Religions and the Association for Global New Thought to carry out the message of individual, community and global transformation—as well as spiritual abundance. By creating such alliances, we will be able to leverage the power that each organization has to offer.

Your special support will go a long way to assist Spiritual Life Center as it spreads the message of healing and Oneness as expressions of the Divine.

Abundant blessings to you and your loved ones.

Together in Oneness,

Rev. James Trapp

P.S. Here is a prayer of thanks you can print out. I invite you to share this prayer with your loved ones on Thanksgiving Day and hold it in consciousness throughout the holiday season. I celebrate the opportunity to join in spiritual consciousness with you as we work to spread light in our world. What you do is important and makes a difference. Please never lose sight of that.

“SLC supports my belief that each of us is filled with spiritual love and it is our challenge to be in touch with this wisdom and love.” —Penny Steele

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