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The True Source of Abundance

apple tree

There was young man who was considered quite successful in life. Materially and financially he had everything one could imagine.

Then he lost everything, but it didn’t bother him at all. In fact, he went to New York City with a mere $100 in his pocket. Within a year, he was twice as well off as he had ever been.

A researcher who had been following the young man’s journey asked the gentleman about the secret to regaining his financial and material success. Why did he seem so unconcerned when he lost his fortune?

The young man responded that it was simply a matter of understanding the real source of abundance. Then he shared a story about a man who was telepathic and could communicate with nature. One day the telepath was walking through an apple grove, and he said, “Yo, apple tree!”

And the apple tree responded, “Yo, telepath!”

And the telepath said, “I’ve been noticing that you have these magnificent apples, and I see that you give apples to everyone. When people pick them, you give them away and then you grow more. How is it that every year, despite the fact that you give away more and more apples, each year you have more and more apples to give?”

The apple tree responded that it could never run out of apples because the apples were not the Source. By giving them away, it was assured that more apples would appear.

The apple tree teaches an important lesson. Mainly that our supply is an invisible and inexhaustible energy. So the source of our abundance is not material (or in this case, the apples).

The young man who lost all his material possessions and money was not concerned because he knew his good was not based on what he could see; it was not visible.

He realized there is an infinite life force we can always tap into. What we see is simply the effect or out-picturing of our true source. Everything in the visible universe came out of the seeming “nothing” or the invisible. If we believe what we see is our source or supply, then anytime it is consumed, we will believe that supply is diminished.

As co-creators with Spirit, we are here to lean on this invisible source—as opposed to believing our good is solely based on what we can see. As we do, like the young man who dropped into New York City with just $100 in his pocket, we will develop the capacity to create without limits and without depriving others of anything.

The source of true abundance is not in dollars and cents or what meets the eye. True abundance is the process in which we tap into the invisible and turn that invisible life force into the various forms that symbolize abundance and prosperity.

When we live life around that principle, like the apple tree, we activate the potential to produce our own bountiful harvest season after season.

Peace and Blessings,


P.S. If you would like to learn more about these abundance principles, I invite you to sign up for my upcoming Spiritual Abundance class, based on the book The Abundance Project by Derek Rydall. This three-week class begins April 26, and you can register online here.

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