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Do You Have Vision Worthy of Your Life?

A budding photographer dreamed of having her work showcased in a prestigious gallery known for promoting emerging artists. Despite tirelessly submitting her portfolio and attending photography exhibitions, she couldn't seem to break through.

One afternoon, feeling disheartened, she decided to stroll through a local park to clear her mind. As she admired the beauty of nature, she noticed an elderly gentleman struggling to capture a shot with his vintage camera. Offering her assistance, she struck up a conversation with him about photography. To her surprise, the man was the gallery curator where she aspired to display her work. The gentleman was impressed by her knowledge and passion and invited her to exhibit her photographs, and her career took off from there. It was through her unwavering vision and a chance encounter in the park that she found the opportunity she had been seeking.

This opportunity happened because she followed her inner guidance to walk in the park. This young woman had a clear vision and purpose for her life. As a result, the universe supported her in a way that she did not foresee. In the same way, when we have a clear vision for our life, and it is in alignment with our purpose, support and guidance will come in ways that we may not have imagined.

When we capture our unique vision and do our part to bring it into manifestation, the universe will do its part to make it happen. We don't need to know every step along the way. We need to be clear about the vision, set our intentions, and then move toward that vision.

Everyone has a unique life purpose. To confirm that we are capturing the right vision for our lives, we must ask ourselves, "Is the vision worthy of my life?" Often, people reverse the question and incorrectly ask, "Am I worthy of the vision?" But more appropriately, we should ask, "Is the vision worthy of my time and my attention? Is the vision worthy of my prayer work and my meditation time? Is the vision worthy of me?" If the answer is no, it's time to get a new or perhaps a bigger vision. 

When we make decisions based on our hearts' dreams, we are in sync with the pattern of our lives. Often, we allow ourselves to let the facts and appearances stop us from following our hearts' desires by wondering how we will make the vision happen. But that's not our job! Our job is to decide on the "what," then do our part and leave the rest to Spirit.

When we decide, we remove everything that does not align with our decision. We make the decision even if we think it's wrong because, in God's mind, there is no wrong decision; there is only a refinement process. 

As we go through the process, we find that a divine conspiracy is at work. And who knows, we may discover that part of the process is to go on a spontaneous stroll in the park.

Peace and Blessings,


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