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How to Cancel Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

When you believe in more of what you don’t see than what you do see, what you do see you won’t see, and what you don’t see you will see.

I’ve always liked that statement. It sums up the essence of what faith is. That definition of faith came to me when I had one of those "out of the blue" memories from my distant past. The recollection was of when I was in the eighth grade, and my aunt gave me a copy of the book Alice in Wonderland for my birthday.  

I am trying to remember the details of the book. But I do remember it's about Alice growing up and how she falls asleep and dreams of following a white rabbit down a rabbit hole. In her dream, Alice moves from one bizarre situation to the next. When she wakes up, she recounts the adventures of her dream to her sister.

In one of her adventures, Alice encounters the Queen and starts talking with her. During the conversation, Alice tells the Queen that a person can't believe in impossible things. But the Queen responds by saying Alice needs practice and tells Alice she would think up to six impossible things before breakfast as a young child. This practice of the Queen's is a way to expand our faith faculty—before breakfast, believe in six things you have up to that point thought were impossible.

The Queen's ritual is a great daily journaling exercise to help us overcome our self-limiting beliefs. Most people stay stuck because they only pursue what they believe is possible or attainable. When that happens, life does not grow because we are not aligned with the infinite possibilities Spirit has in store.

As we write down six seemingly impossible things each day for ourselves or the world, we start to think outside of our typical frame of reference, which often holds us back. Despite messages to the contrary, we can experience a world that is kind, just, compassionate, and free from war. Every child can access clean water, enough food, and a primary education.

When we believe in such possibilities and do what we can to make them happen, we not only begin to think of God's thoughts, but become the vessels through which the thoughts can take shape. As a by-product, we evolve to be the magnificent, prosperous, and whole beings we are meant to be because we are not limiting our minds to business as usual.

So, try the Queen's advice, and you will stretch your faith faculty, cancel your self-limiting beliefs, and witness endless wonders. As Swami Chinmayananda, founder of the Hindu Chinmaya Mission, notes, "Faith is to believe what you do not see, the reward of which is, you see what you believed."

Peace and Blessings,


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