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Living as Ancestors

The future of humanity is in good hands. This past Friday evening, I dropped by the “Voices Unheard” program; the inaugural Fourth Friday event founded by the Emerging Wisdom group. The gathering was composed primarily of millennials who came together to share their music, art, spoken word and consciousness. The proceeds of the event went to support CARA, an organization dedicated to providing legal aid to the kids and parents separated from one another as a result of the recently implemented (then reversed) zero tolerance immigration policy.

While they may not be directly related to the affected children and parents, the young people who organized the event believe they are nonetheless interconnected with them on a soul level. They believe that to stand in support of those children and parents is a spiritual, moral and humanitarian concern. They knew they could not sit idly by without doing something to help their fellow spiritual beings. They took a stand that we can do better as a human family and it is possible to treat our fellow beings humanely while still honoring the rule of law. I was struck by the recognition in the event organizers that if we are going to create a world that works for and appreciates all of humanity, we must have concern for more than just ourselves.

We are one in the Spirit and we’re here to contribute to the Divine Plan that reflects the higher order of our being. For that to happen, we have to be willing to go beyond the self. The Master Teacher Jesus the Christ taught that if you try to save your little life, you’ll lose it; but if you lose your life (or think of others before yourself) for the sake of the collective good, you’ll experience what it means to have life eternal.

Our role is to serve as instruments of the Spirit of the Living God so that we can co-create a positive experience for all of humanity. As we achieve this, we live as future ancestors that are contributing to the improvement of our Earth community. This is called legacy living: living with the understanding that one day all of us will leave something behind.

If we take this realization and intentionally create good, we can live our life knowing that those who follow us can step into a positive wake. We can choose to leave behind a high-vibrational stepladder that others can build on; one of harmony, goodness, beauty, cooperation and the possibilities of the human spirit. If we create this legacy, our future generations will have a greater chance to live the divine ideas and ideals of Spirit as the norm, rather than the exception.

I do not know if those who are part of the Emerging Wisdom group would describe what they co-created in such terms. Nevertheless, they are doing their part to leave a positive legacy and that’s a blessing we can all be grateful for.

Peace and Blessings,


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