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Practicing Emerging Wisdom to Create the New Earth

“Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth...”

Revelation 21:1

Over thirty years ago I experienced a moment so profound it changed my perspective for life. As I was walking down the street to what was my home at the time, for a brief moment everything around me collapsed into a sea of oneness. In that instant, I pierced the veil of separation and was able to see that I was not separate from anything or anyone around me: not from people; not from my environment; not from the future; not from God.

The vastness of this experience remains beyond by ability to put into words. Although at the time I didn’t know what to make of it or who to speak to about it, from that moment on my view of "reality" was forever altered. For a while, it held its place in my memory as just an experience. Eventually it became the golden thread that defined my approach to life.

Mona Polacca, a Hopi Elder and author, noted that it has been the cultural philosophy of Native Americans that all people, plants, animals, and even the forests and fish are our relations. As a result, the Hopi are guided to act in a way that is life-sustaining and to have a worldview that is open and inclusive. Similarly, a major tenet of the Wisdom Teachings is that we are all interconnected. Yet in our political dealings, in our relationship to the planet, in the world of media and in our relationships both national and international, we do not always remember that connection. The good news is these principles of interdependence are rising in our paradigm in order that we may address the challenges we are now facing.

The Wisdom Teachings have taken several centuries to mature. As the teachings were birthed and began to come into form, they were primarily about the individual: healing the body, healing relationships, personal well-being and visualizing to make things happen. Many healers and practitioners have emerged to support individuals in their healings and transformations during this phase. You will even find an array of them at the Emerging Wisdom and New Earth Expo that is taking place this weekend.

Yet this is only the beginning. As we contemplate the challenges we see so much of right now—a planet with over 7 billion people, the stresses this will put on our natural resources, the belief in separation that is showing up across the planet and the polluted thought that has infiltrated the human consciousness—we know the New Thought/Ancient Wisdom Teachings are infiltrating this paradigm and maturing just in time to address the issues of our day. What is manifesting in our world is nothing more than a reflection of the group soul: the “we.” As the Ancient Wisdom principles remind us, “as within, so without.” It is we who must change and not the external world or the government. Then as we weave our healed selves into the fabric of our world, our planet will be transformed and our manifestations will reflect a nourished community.

As we change, grow and expand individually and collectively and identify with our true nature and being, we become the leaders who create a world that works for everyone. If you are around this Saturday and Sunday, join us at the Emerging Wisdom and New Earth Expo and be part of this change the world is hungry for.

Peace and Blessings,



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