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A Prayer for Healing and Wholeness

As we navigate through the challenge of COVID-19, we take all the outer precautions available to keep ourselves and loved ones healthy and safe (see recommendations from the CDC at At the same time, let us remember to continue to do the inner work by realizing our oneness with the unchangeable presence of God.

Toward that end, I invite you to hold in consciousness the following prayer:

“We are in the presence of pure Spirit. Our entire planet is immersed in Truth that Life, Love, Health, and Wholeness is our very essence.

We radiate our wholeness, as we draw on the one and only source of life – the Spirit of the Living God.

Spirit pours its quickening life into each individual and our planet as we turn our attention to Spirit’s healing presence.

We trust Spirit to restore us to harmony and health. And everything not in alignment with harmony and health, returns to the nothingness from which it has come."

And so it is.


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