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A Virus Worth Spreading

Here’s something I’ve been musing over lately: Coronavirus Fatigue. I don’t know if that is a formal psychological condition, but navigating through this viral contagion sure feels exhausting at times. The Coronavirus will be an ongoing concern for a while, and many people are tired of thinking about it. I know I reach my wits end about it when I give it too much of my attention. However, here is a viral contagion worth our attention: positive and creative energy. When we are in such a state, we can birth exciting ideas and bold visions. Bold ideas do not flow from an exhausted consciousness.

If we are going to be infected by anything, let it be positive energy. Such positivity is highly contagious and uplifting. I’m sure you’ve experienced a time when someone with infectious positive energy walked into a room, and even before such a person does or says anything you feel uplifted. It's exhilarating to be “infected” by positive people. Even if we're going through down moments, having positive people nearby makes bearing whatever we are going through easier. They help activate our inspiring energy reservoir and enliven the mindset.

Creative, confident, and uplifting energy is akin to unbounded electricity. It bounces around and serves as a natural stimulant to everyone within its vicinity. Your focus becomes better when you're around cheerful, creative people. Bold ideas readily spring forth when you're in such an environment. Positive energy reminds us that we are loaded and coded with possibilities. When we're in an inspired, energetic state, we become conduits for the all good of the Presence of God – aka "The Force." We are here to be of service to "The Force." And when we are of use to this Presence, no matter our endeavor, we live a successful life because we are serving a spiritual idea. I would say this is the new definition of success – to be of service to a divine vision. When we are of service to a spiritual idea, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. It all begins when we are in that positive energy field.

So if you're experiencing Coronavirus Fatigue, substitute it with a viral contagion worth spreading – positive energy. Attract that kind of virus in your life, then watch as miracles appear in your life and our world.

Peace and Blessings,


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