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Beyond Visualization – How to Manifest Your Desires

Have you ever had an idea that you wanted to see manifested in your life? A teacher I learned a great deal from early in my career, Unity Minister Eric Butterworth, devised a formula for manifesting or demonstrating one's desires. The formula became very popular over time.

Reverend Butterworth called his formula the Master Formula for Demonstration. That formula is C plus B equals A. The formula implies that, within reason, whatever you can Conceive in your mind and Believe in your heart to be a reality, you can Achieve or actualize in your life. The shorthand version is C + B = A. It all starts with having a desire to evolve from where you are to where you want to be. But you first must know where you are; that’s the beginning point. That awareness is an indication of where you happen to be in consciousness.

To move from an idea to actualization, you must grow in consciousness first. To overcome a health challenge, secure the type of lifestyle you want, raise your spiritual prosperity in any area of your life, or achieve whatever your desire is, it must start by raising your consciousness. That is a process in and of itself, but it is key to manifestation.

Along with the raising of consciousness, one can use a tool known as visualization. This tool fits right in with Butterworth's B or Believe part of his formula. Traditional visualization notes that to manifest your goals, sit and visualize those goals coming to you and see them being accomplished. It’s a powerful technique.

Science has shown that imagery programs our mind and it sends out a message to the Universe. But we can take that portion of the formula a step further. We imagine our desire is already done. Imagine you did it yesterday and it’s a day past your manifestation. Now feel the emotion of what it’s like to have the thing you were longing for.

This technique works because assumptions harden into fact. For example, if you assume you already accomplished your desire, you no longer have a wish or a want for it; your experience is that it’s already complete. This assumption sends an assertive communication to the mind and the Universe. The message is we’re going to have to manufacture the goal because he or she already believes it’s real.

Our power of imagination comes straight from God. Imagination is creating what it is we want. When we assume it is already done, instead of pushing it off in the distance through visualization, and saying it will be here one day, you act as if it's already a fact.

Say you want to go on an exotic trip (after 15 months of limited travel because of the pandemic that sounds particularly appealing). Instead of merely imagining in the future getting on the plane and seeing yourself on the beach sipping a pina colada drink with the umbrella in it, you imagine it happened already.

It's the day after you landed from your plane ride. Maybe you recall how you swam in the ocean with the dolphins two days ago. You recount the sumptuous meals you ate the past week, and the great conversations you had with the people you met during your trip. Feel the emotion as if it already happened.

On the spiritual plane, it already has. This approach is beyond visualization. It knows you've accomplished the goal. And just as the night follows the day, the manifestation will undoubtedly occur in the visible world.

Peace and Blessings,


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