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Can You Cultivate Intuition?

A nurse was responsible for caring for a patient who was doing very well after undergoing minor surgery. In fact, the patient was scheduled to be discharged the next day. However, the moment she started her shift, the nurse had a bad feeling in her gut. For reasons unclear to her rational mind, she kept checking on the patient. Each time she checked, the patient simply said, “I’m completely fine.” Late that morning the patient wanted to go for a walk around the hospital, and the nurse offered to walk with him.

The nurse was glad she did. The gentleman passed out just while walking the grounds. He apparently had a serious and dangerous heart condition. The nurse was told that if she had not been there, he probably would have died. That day, the nurse believed she was particularly in tune with her intuitive faculties and had tapped into an all-knowing something that guided her to check in on the patient and to accompany him on his walk…something she normally would not do.

We all have the ability to tap into this all-knowing Presence and know something without any process of reasoning. It shows up as intuitive impulses that come directly from an all-knowing intelligence. I recall the day I was in college and took the final exam for a math course. There was one particular question I had no idea how to answer. Rather than leave it blank, I decided to put something, anything, as an answer rather than leave a blank space. Out of the blue, an idea hit me. I was led to use an equation even though I had no clue what it meant or where it came from. Since I had nothing to lose, I just plugged the numbers into the equation, finished the exam and didn’t think any more about it once I left the room. When I got the exam back, not only was the answer correct, but the professor commented that it was an equation he had never seen before. Of course, neither had I. It just kind of came to me in an intuitive flash.

Perhaps you’ve wondered, as I have, whether we can cultivate our intuition so we can enhance our decision making process and up-level our problem solving capabilities. I believe this intuitive power is always available to us. It often comes to us as a gut feeling. When it does, we should not ignore it. But first, we have to be aware of it. Here’s one daily exercise I learned that we can practice, to help us recognize those intuitive impulses and access the wisdom within them.

Take your phone or small recorder in order to tape your voice. Or, go old school and use a small notepad and pen. Every time you become aware of an impulse or intuitive feeling, no matter how insignificant, note it by recording it on your device or write it down on your pad. Note the place, date, and approximate time you recognized the impulse or intuitive feeling and write a short phrase to describe it. If you did anything with it or not, note that as well. For example: “Walking down X Street, 10/30, 4:30pm. Thought about walking into a store and buying a gift for Celeste. Haven’t seen her in a while. Went in. Looked around. Didn’t see anything appropriate. Walked out.”

The key is to note as many times as possible whenever you become aware of an impulse or intuitive guidance. This will bring to conscious recognition those intuitive feelings that you may not have been in touch with before. Over a period of time, by faithfully noting every intuitive impulse or feeling, you will become more and more aware of your inherent connection with infinite wisdom of the all-knowing Presence. You will break down any sense of separation that you have from this source of wisdom. Our intuitive faculty is always working. We just have to cultivate our realization of it.

Peace and Blessings,


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