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Change Your Paradigm, Change Your Life

As 2022 fades into the background, the horizon of 2023 is pregnant with new possibilities.

Like most people, you want the new year and your future to be better than your past, even if the past has been good.

Because you never want the good to get in the way of the better.

For our better future to manifest, we must change our paradigm. A paradigm is a fancy way to describe our mental programming. Often a paradigm shift requires releasing an old way of thinking that no longer serves our highest good. For the new way of thinking to take hold, we must have an emotional attachment to

new thoughts and a way of thinking that pulls us to our desired future.

It is our mental programming that dictates our life’s direction. Consider the case of twin brothers—each of which had the same opportunities and upbringing.

Yet one put his knowledge to work to be very successful, and the other brother seemed to fail at everything he did. What was the difference? They developed different paradigms—one of success and belief in themselves and the other of struggle and lack of self- worth. So even if the twin who met a string of failures worked twice as hard, he would not get different results because his paradigm or way of thinking stayed the same from one year to the next.

When the same paradigms control our thinking and subsequent behavior, our lives will continue as they always have been, and nothing will change.

So how do we shift a paradigm that does not serve us?

First, after identifying the thoughts that no longer serve us, we must loosen their grip over us by practicing the technique of release. An example of release could be to think, "I release the belief that I am prone to illness." Or "I release the thought that I am not worthy." Or "I release the belief I am not good enough." It looks like releasing whatever the dominant thought is within your paradigm that is not serving you.

To further shift the paradigm, you must consistently repeat ideas that are the opposite of the pattern of thought you currently have. This repetition is spaced out over time until it becomes part of the fabric of your unconscious mind. It can be like repeating, "I am healthy and whole." or "I am infinitely valuable." or "I am more than good enough."

To add fuel to the power of the paradigm-shifting process, interject an emotional charge to the new ideas you are repeating to yourself. You can do so by first thinking of an event that has an uplifting and lasting influence on you. Then associate that emotion with the repeated statement you've chosen. It can be your child's birth, your love for a family member, or even a pet. It can be how you felt when you witnessed an unselfish act that one human being showed to

another. It can also be a scene in a movie that emotionally affects you every time you think about it.

When you start stating your new ideas and think of that emotional moment, the fresh approach will stick with you profoundly, you will displace the old belief that no longer serves you, and a new paradigm will emerge.

Even though he is now a young man, I get a powerful emotional charge whenever I think about when my son was born. When I recall that event and I affirm a new idea or vision alongside the memory, that idea sticks to me more intensely than if I just stated the words without that association. And that new paradigm begins to fortify itself in my life.

So, as you embark on this new year, know that you can create a future your soul longs for by having a paradigm shift. After all, life transforms when shift happens.

Peace and Blessings,


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