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Habits of Highly Evolved People

Most of us are familiar with Stephen Covey’s classic book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, in which Covey identifies the key behaviors of successful people. We all want to succeed, and the habits that Covey identifies are as good as they get to help anyone achieve success. Yet we are not merely here to achieve success in the outer world, we are also here to evolve as humans and spiritual beings. So it got me to thinking, “What are the habits of highly evolved people?”

The question came to me as I recalled a story about the inventor Thomas Edison. One evening a massive explosion occurred in which his entire life’s work went up in flames. The chemical fire was so large and fast-burning the numerous firefighters were unable to put it out.

It is said that, while observing the destruction of his prosperity, Edison told his son to enjoy the spectacle of the fire. From his perspective, all that was happening was a clean sweep of “a lot of rubbish.” While he could have reacted entirely enraged and devastated that he’d lost everything, he detached from the outcome he knew he would not be able to control and accepted the fate of the outcome of the fire.

Based on the incredible number of inventions he produced over his lifetime, Edison was clearly an effective person. However, he was also a highly evolved person. He was able to endure what seemed to be a tragedy and setback from an elevated point of view. His experience reminds us that we've got to love what we do and all that it entails, good and bad.

One habit of highly evolved people is: Learn to find the good in everything that happens. This is not always easy, but if we ask the right questions and search long and hard enough, we can find the good in anything. As I have observed people who are not only successful in the objective sense of the word but also have an evolved consciousness, I discovered some practices they have in common. In no particular order, highly evolved people regularly do the following:

· Give thanks for what most people normally take for granted

· Race to see who can be the first to forgive

· Have a tendency to give without agenda

· Live Life as a celebration rather than a problem to be solved

· Choose happiness over drama

· Understand the value of downtime and solitude

Take one of these practices and make it part of your life. You will witness your own becoming of one of those highly evolved people.

Peace and Blessings,


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