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How to Get the Universe to Support Your Vision

A young woman moved to Los Angeles with a clear vision to land a specific job in the entertainment industry. She set her sights on getting an audience with a woman who ran a particular company she dreamed about working for. She diligently went through the steps to realize that vision by going to the right school, networking with the movers and shakers in her field and sending out a slew of resumes. All the while, she also did her spiritual work including visualizing and affirming her vision.

Despite following all the required steps, nothing seemed to work… or so she thought. One day as she was driving through the city, she was guided to go to an antique store. She knew nothing about antiques and had never gone antique shopping before. Nevertheless, she followed her inner guidance and went to the shop. While she was examining items in the store, she started a conversation with a woman and asked questions about some of the items that were in there.

The two of them developed a great connection. It turned out the woman she was speaking with was the very person she wanted to meet that ran the company she envisioned working for. She ended up getting an interview with her fellow antique shopper and landed the job of her dreams.

This all happened because she followed her inner guidance to go antique shopping that day. This young woman had a clear vision and purpose for her life and, as a result, the universe supported her in a way that she did not foresee. In the same way, when we have a clear vision for our life and it is in alignment with our purpose, support and guidance will come in ways that we may have not imagined. When we have a vision that is truly ours and we do our part to bring it into manifestation, the universe will do its part to make it happen. We don't need to know how everything will happen along the way. We just need to be clear about the vision, set our intention and then move in the direction of that vision.

Everyone has life purpose that is uniquely theirs. To help confirm that we are capturing the right vision for our life, there is an important question to ask: "Is the vision worthy of my life"? Oftentimes people reverse the question and incorrectly ask, "Am I worthy of the vision?" But the more appropriate question would be, "Is the vision worthy of my time and my attention? Is the vision worthy of my prayer work and my meditation time? Is the vision worthy of me?" If the answer is no, then it's time get a new or perhaps a bigger vision.

We are in sync with the pattern for our life when we make decisions based on the dreams of our heart. Often, we allow ourselves to let the facts and appearances stop us from following our heart’s desire by wondering how we’re going to make the vision happen. But that’s not our job. Our job is to decide on the "what", do our part, and then leave the rest to Spirit.

When we decide, we cut out everything that is not in alignment with that which we have decided on. We make the decision even if we think it is the wrong decision, because in the mind of God there is no wrong decision; there is only a refinement process taking place. As we go through the process, we find that a divine conspiracy is at work. And who knows, we may find out that part of the process is being intuitively guided to go on our own version of antique shopping.

Peace and Blessings,



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