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How to Instantly Change Your Life

I attended a wellness conference several years ago. One day, there was a dialogue between two of the presenters. At the end of which, there was a question and answer session. A thirteen-year-old boy came up to the microphone to ask the last question. The young boy was visibly trembling and asked, "Can you help a troubled youth?" One of the panel members, a minister, agreed to give it a shot even though he didn’t know what the boy’s issue was. Then the boy said, "Well, I'm terrified. I've been afraid for the past few years I will lose my parents".

The youngster began to tell his story. The thirteen-year-old shared how his father was choking to death a few years ago because something had gotten caught in his throat. The father began to turn blue before passing out. The young boy knew enough about the Heimlich Maneuver to save his father's life. The boy went on to say that since the experience, he's been afraid of losing his parents. As he spoke and recalled the incident, the young boy's body noticeably trembled.

As the facilitator looked at the boy, he stopped him, telling him to go back to the moment of the event. The facilitator had him focus on the celebration, the gratitude, and the joy he experienced because he saved his dad's life, not on the fear of losing his dad. The minister took the boy through additional exercises related to the event until the boy fully remembered and embraced the quick action, confidence, and courage he exhibited at the moment. The practices redirected the boy's attention to the fact that his father was still here, celebrating a wonderful life.

After a few moments, that thirteen-year-old boy re-framed the whole experience, and everyone present could see his body stop shaking and return to normal. In that short time, a transformation took place in the boy as he realized it was a time to celebrate, be happy, and be in love with his parents. He recognized he could focus on and cherish their good moments and continue to have them together with his family. Afterward, the boy's parents shared how he changed from the state of fear he had been in for the past few years to a state of calm and happiness. In what seemed to be an instant that thirteen-year boy's life transformed. The boy changed his framework and redirected his attention. As a result, the thoughts that emerged from his mind transmuted from the energy of fear to love.

Whenever we change the framework of our thoughts that generate fear, doubt, and worry, to the higher frequency thoughts of faith, confidence, and trust, our life experiences can change instantly, just like that boy who learned to conquer fear with love.

Peace and Blessings,


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