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Let Something Good Be Said

As a group of frogs traveled through the woods, two of them fell into a deep pit. The other frogs peeked in and told the two that they were as good as dead, as it was impossible to come out.

Ignoring the discouragement, the two frogs tried to jump out anyway. A while later, one of the frogs lost its spirit in the constant discouragement. He eventually gave up and died. The second frog kept on jumping. The more the others commented, the harder he tried. Finally, he jumped out!

"Didn't you hear us? We kept saying there was no hope for you," said the frogs. “I am a little deaf. I thought you were cheering me on,” answered the frog. What is the point of the story? Encouraging words make the difference, even when we only believe that’s what we heard.

We are creative beings, and the critical tool that ignites the expression of that creativity is the power of the spoken word, also known as the logos. Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American essayist, lecturer, philosopher, abolitionist, and poet, noted that we are an inlet and may become an outlet of all there is in God. More than we imagine, we contain the full creative power of the universe through our words and through the awareness in which we express ourselves.

So, our words matter. They matter a lot. Life and death indeed are found in the power of the tongue. Words affect individual and collective consciousness. This in turn influences our actions that ultimately determine our life experiences. As we realize how powerful our words are and how they can either build something up or tear something down, it's a good rule, when we speak, to let something good be said. Whenever we speak from that consciousness, we keep in the flow of the Divine. The flow is uplifting, encouraging, and life-affirming.

It makes sense not to put into words what we don’t want to take place in our lives. Yet, how often do we speak words that don't reflect what we want manifested? Sometimes saying something good is easier said than done.

There is one practice we can use to help us let something good be said when we speak. It's the seven-day verbal diet. With this diet, for seven straight days, you think before you speak, listen to spirit before uttering a word, and then only articulate words that reflect what you want in your life and in our world.

As noted, the seven-day diet is no easy task. But, as we refrain from speaking negative clichés, words that cause spiritual energy leaks, or phrases that have no meaning at all, imagine the transformation that will take place in our consciousness. Not just on an individual level, but for our country and our world. If everyone in the country and world would fast from harmful, destructive, and caustic words for just one whole day, what a powerful transformation would take place.

While we can’t control what anyone else says, we can ignite a positive verbal movement by starting with ourselves. So, let something good be said today and let it begin with you.

Peace and Blessings,


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