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Let Us Not Waste This Crisis

As we have been going through the COVID-19 experience, I've been pondering a question. "When historians write about this decade, what are they going to say we did?" We have the choice to be a group of people who decided to be the highest expression of ourselves. Although it is a vital starting point, we don't want to merely survive. To do so wastes a crisis. And to paraphrase, "a crisis is a terrible thing to waste." We have the opportunity to be history makers. As history makers, we can extract an empowering meaning out of the Coronavirus challenge and the disruption that is happening right now on the planet. We have the opportunity to be viewed as people who used this time to look deep within ourselves, to get a greater understanding of who we are, what our purpose is, and what our life is all about.

We probably don't want to be seen as folks who got caught in, and merely survived through, the frenetic energy that arose during this challenging time and didn't grow, shift habits, or made no changes in priorities. We have the opportunity to be recognized as a group of people who proved we are loaded and coded with great possibilities, and subsequently unloaded our potential to usher in changes to make the world better.

I recently ran across a social media post attributed to the actor and entertainer, Ben Vereen. I say attributed to him because the fact that it’s on the internet doesn't mean it's true. However, even if it didn't come from Ben Vereen, the post has a valid point. Vereen allegedly posted the following thoughts:

If we subscribe to the philosophy that life is always working for us… There is an intelligence far more significant than humans at work…

We are all interconnected. What if the Coronavirus is here to help us?

Perhaps the experience we are going through is to reset and remember what is truly important. Maybe it's to help us reconnect with our families and our communities. In addition, it may be that the challenge the virus poses is to bring to our attention the need to reduce certain types of travel so the environment, the skies, and our lungs can get a break. What if, as the posts note, this experience we are going through is an invitation to turn inward, deepen our meditation rather than continue the usual busyness that we use to escape from ourselves? The writer goes on to note that perhaps one of the by-products of the disruption that is COVID-19, is to push us to reset our economic system and address health protection so millions of people who do not have insurance can have access to healthcare.

Finally, the writer of the posts asks, “What if the virus is an ally in our evolution?” It’s time for a change. We all know it is necessary, and the time for change has arrived. We can choose to unload our possibilities so that historians will write that we arrived on earth for such a time as this. And that we made this human incarnation so that we can be the agents of the positive reset that the Spirit of the Living God has thrust upon us. We can be remembered for helping make such a shift. If we do, this crisis will not have gone to waste. In the end, the choice is ours.

Peace and Blessings,


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