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Love - The Great Harmonizer

There is a vision of what our life can be. As long as that vision remains unfulfilled, we will likely feel a sense of uneasiness. Although we may not know it consciously, we all desire to grow. No matter where we are in life, no matter what we have done or not done, there is a calling we get in a feeling, if not words, that says there is always more to be, do and express. Until we answer that call, we experience "divine discontent" - a restlessness that seems part of the human experience.

As we learn and practice the principles of metaphysics and spirituality, we become interested in the power of consciousness, keeping our thoughts and words positive, and recognizing the importance of carefully directing our attention. We may use all of these tools to materialize what we want in life to quiet the divine discontent that rises within us.

Yet, the essential ingredient we must include on this journey of life is the harmonizing power of Love. Love, among other things, is what binds together the whole human family. It is the completeness of life and gives all the spiritual practices and everything we do, power. To paraphrase Paul in the 13th Chapter of Corinthians, if we seemingly have everything in life but do not have Love, we are nothing.

Eric Butterworth, a well-known and widely followed Unity Minister, noted that Love is an inner power that we must express. If we do not represent that Love, we put ourselves out of the flow of the divine rhythm and process of the entire universe. Moreover, he notes, Love is about letting our light shine not because anyone else needs it, but because we need it to keep our light turned on.

There was a 97-year-old gentleman who, for three years, would go to a local fast-food restaurant every day for lunch. He never missed a day. He'd either eat lunch at the restaurant or pick up his lunch to go. Every time his order was the same - a roast beef sandwich with cheese and a coke with no ice. The staff and manager noticed this gentleman and how he ate alone in silence each day he came to the restaurant.

Eventually, every staff member had memorized the gentleman's order. The manager and the staff became curious about why this customer would come every day and eat alone. Because he needed the support of a walker, on cue, as soon as any staff member saw the gentleman coming, they would open and hold the door for him.

One day the manager decided to find out more about this loyal and mysterious customer. So, when he showed up as he usually did, the manager and the staff went up to him and asked why he came every day, ordered the same meal, and ate alone. At first, the man didn't reveal anything to the manager or the workers.

Another day, when the manager asked the elderly gentleman what kept him coming back to the restaurant, he said, "This is the only place I can get a sandwich that doesn't hurt my stomach." The manager and the staff found out he was a World War II veteran, did not have a family, was alone, and dealing with several health issues, including a sensitive stomach. He went on to say he came to their restaurant because it was the only place he could eat without adversely affecting his health.

The staff was moved by what the veteran revealed, and over the years, the man become family to them. The feeling was mutual since he felt so welcomed at the restaurant. The manager personally looked after the man's meals. When a new staff member was added, they would be briefed about the man and his order. They were extra careful about his meal and dietary requirements. He was a hero to them.

The vet lived in a retirement home and only came out for his daily meal at the restaurant, which he considered his second home. One day, a customer saw one of the employees slip something into the elderly gentleman's bag, and as he took his food out of the bag and began to eat, he discovered a red card. The staff had pooled their money together to buy him a $200 gift card. At first, he thought it was a joke. But eventually, he was overcome with happiness by the act of generosity and love the staff showed him. He thanked the team and said laughingly, "I never know if I will be here the next day. But thank you for this."

Several of the staff gave the man their phone number and promised they would bring his food to his home if he could not make it to the restaurant. This moving story made national news, and then the staff decided to do more. The team offered the gentleman unlimited free food for the rest of his life. After hearing the news, a local optometrist stopped by the restaurant to provide the elderly diner a free eye check-up and glasses.

Needless to say, that 97-year-old man felt immeasurably grateful for the loving gestures he received from his favorite restaurant. He had felt forgotten until he found a family that dearly loved him. Such is the result of the harmonizing power of Love.

Peace and Blessings,



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