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Tap Into the Source of Everything

Nelson Mandela was in a prison cell at Robben Island. Although not apparent at the time, this proved to be an important part of his journey to end apartheid in South Africa.

Early on in his imprisonment, he believed his vision of harmony and an apartheid-free country would never happen. This belief consumed his mind. Then one day an idea popped into his awareness. He thought to himself, “maybe my vision can still happen.” He nurtured that thought and began to embody the idea that his vision could in fact manifest. With time he started to believe that rather than being an obstacle to achieving his goals, being in prison could be a means to achieve them.

He began to relate to this idea more and more and eventually the idea of writing letters to the western news media occurred to him. Prison guards he befriended mailed the letters on his behalf, causing a worldwide movement that put pressure on the government of South Africa to change its ways. Ultimately, this led to Nelson Mandela’s freedom and his subsequent Presidency of the country that had unjustly imprisoned him.

This complete situation reversal became possible when he expanded his point of view and tapped into the limitless possibilities of the Ideasphere. We are here to do the same.

Ideas are the currency of the universe. They are an unlimited source of genuine abundance. So when we say we live in an infinitely abundant universe, we are not necessarily talking about material goods or money. Physical things and money may run out but ideas are infinite. And if you find the right one, you can overcome any obstacle you face.

When Jesus said the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few, he was saying we are surrounded by spiritual ideas that are waiting for a consciousness that vibrates high enough to capture those ideas and anchor them in form. However, there are few with an awareness clear and pure enough to see the ideas.

The key to liberating our life so that we can co-create our best selves lies in capturing the right ideas that are perfect for us. So how do we do that? How do we answer the question, “What’s the universe’s idea for my life?”

We are encoded to do something unique in this lifetime. Some of us know it very early on in life; others don’t find out what that is until they’ve had a number of life experiences. Right and perfect ideas are often revealed to us early in the morning or late at night, when everything is still and we lowly listen. It is in those moments the vision that is just for us will disclose itself. As Mahatma Gandhi noted, “The voice of God speaks momently to every man, woman and child on the planet. But few listen.”

The awareness of these right ideas is a by-product of having a meditation practice. In addition to reducing stress and other health benefits, meditation can open the window through which creative ideas flow. Meditation does not necessarily mean sitting in the lotus position and repeating “Om,” not that there is anything wrong with that. It is the result of focusing the mind

in such a way that allows thoughts of the ordinary mind to be quieted so the ideas from the universal mind can come through.

Throughout history, creatively productive people developed and used a variety of meditation techniques to generate creative ideas. Scientist Sir Isaac Newton got some of his best ideas when gazing at the stars for hours at a time and entering a dream-like state. Author William Wordsworth produced insights for his writing with the meditation technique of gazing at the burning logs of a fireplace to the point he was mesmerized into a clear state of imagination. Leonardo da Vinci stimulated his mind to generate creative ideas by staring at cracked floors, a paint-splattered wall or dried-up clay. Composer Beethoven and Philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson took long walks through the woods in order to leave ordinary thinking behind and tap into the Ideasphere.

These are just some of the techniques used by prominent people in history to access this Ideasphere, the source from which all ideas originate. This is the most important atmosphere we can ever delve into. It is accessible to anyone willing to step away from their ordinary thinking and dare to be a channel for the inexhaustible reservoir of ideas that is all around us.

So access the Ideasphere. Be one of those few laborers that Jesus talked about. And you will capture ideas that will lead to divine solutions and, like Nelson Mandela, be able to find a way out when at first it seems impossible.

Peace and Blessings,


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