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The Transformation Equation: Redirecting Energy for Lasting Social Change

"Energy flows where the attention goes" is more than a common catchphrase. It is a spiritual truth that describes how the universe operates.

Last week I attended the annual Unity People's Convention. During the event, I talked with several of the attendees about the division and polarization we see in the world today. One person participating in the discussion noted that hate and intolerance are at a fever pitch. Then, this past weekend there was the news of a shooting at a holiday block party in Baltimore that left 2 people dead and 28 injured, and there have been 340 mass shootings so far this year.

During the conversation at the convention, the group agreed that if there is to be a long-term and permanent solution to the violence, discord, intolerance, and sense of separation, there must be a new vision for us to aspire to so we can transcend such experiences collectively and permanently in the future. Proverbs reminds us: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” It is critical for there to be a new vision if we are to bring forth new possibilities for our communities and our planet.

The idea already exists. It is a vision we can step into that eliminates the great divide between countries, religions, cultures, and people in general, and fosters a climate of understanding and harmony. Indeed, there is a vision where there is a world that works for everyone.

When we make such a vision the focal point of our attention, we will transcend hate and conditions where unspeakable experiences like mass shootings occur. When we step into a picture in which everyone lives in a world that works for them, we get in tune with the Divine Plan that the Spirit has for us. Without such a vision, we are likely to deal with the seeming problems at the level of the problem. But no one can solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created the situation in the first place. This is a fundamental truth.

This truth not only applies on a collective level but in our individual lives as well. If we want to rise above where we are to where we can be, we must focus our energies on a vision of new possibilities for our own lives. God has planted an idea within us that awaits us to manifest it. It begins with our prayer work. We must become silent and slowly listen for the guidance that is always there. When we get the idea or vision that is uniquely for us, we will know it and feel it within the depths of our being. It will be something whose benefits will extend beyond us.

When the idea becomes clear, we must move in that direction. We must give it our faith energy. We do not necessarily have to know how to do it all. We must know the what and the how will be revealed as we move towards the vision. After all, God would never give us an idea without providing the means to make it happen.

Let us “lift [our] eyes unto the hills from whence cometh [our] help” (Psalms 121:1-2) and catch God's vision for our individual lives and the planet's life. As we make that the focus of our attention, we will direct our energy to a Divine Plan in which our world works for everyone.

Peace & Blessings



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